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New Paladins Hero: Willo of the Summer Court

Paladins is known for its diverse set of Champions like mech-riding goblins, mystical elves, and bomb golems. But never have they introduced a fairy-like creature until Willo of the Summer Court was revealed in a teaser by Hi-Rez Studios.

Willo is a massive damage-type champion, and one of the first female creatures to be introduced in the game. This light-hearted little fairy may be cute, but wait till you see her on the battlefield and learn the hard way that she’s an unstoppable force of nature.


Wand of Overgrowth

Willo fires a blast of fae energy which deals 500 damage every 0.75 seconds. The skill has an ammo count of 8, and a reload time of 1.7 seconds. It also has a damage fall off, dealing a minimum damage of 150.

Dead Zone

It lets Willo fire out a toxic spore that prevents all healing in an area for 4 seconds. Enemies that are affected by the spore that moves out of the infested area will not heal for 2 seconds. Its direct hit will deal 100 damage.


This ability has an area damage effect. It lets Willo toss a seed that explodes after a second fuse, dealing 500 damage and spawning 4 additional seeds that each explodes for 500 damage after 1 second.


Willo flaps her wings quickly and proper herself forwards and updates to the direction you want.

Fae Flight

This ability is her ultimate skill which allows her to harness the power of the Fae and take flight for 10 seconds. While up in the sky, she is immune to any Crowd Control effects. Hitting the jump button can also be used to increase altitude.


Willo will feature two customizations set including Lilac and Bluebell. The Lilac Set gives Willo’s Lilac Wings, a Lilac Body, and a Lilac Wand. The same round of customizations goes with the Bluebell set, giving Willo’s wings, body, and wand a bluish-violet hue.

Want to try her out? Willo is now available to play! Paladins is free to download on your gaming PC and laptop at

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