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Fallout Shelter Finally Released on PC

Fallout Shelter

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Everybody loves Fallout. Who doesn’t? It introduces us to the post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic world that combines the promises of technology and the fear of nuclear annihilation. The franchise has spawned four main games and four spin-off games including the popular free-to-play simulation mobile game, Fallout Shelter.

It is a game where the player is tasked as the overseer of a Vault, building and managing his/her own fallout shelter. Players must guide and direct citizens of the Vault, and keep them happy by providing their necessities such as power, food, and water. They must be able to do everything to balance out these resources despite random attacks from Wasteland Raiders, Death Claws, Feral Ghouls, and other catastrophic infestations.

Being the first mobile game in the series, Fallout Shelter has received positive reviews regarding its core gameplay and visual style. It didn’t take too long before it grew popular. No wonder that Bethesda decided to release a PC version of the game on Steam, which was released on March 29.

So what can you do in Fallout Shelter?

Build the perfect vault.

To keep your dwellers happy and the vault going, the Overseer is tasked to create an ideal vault which is capable of delivering all the necessities dwellers need to survive.\

Oversee a thriving community.

Take care of dwellers. Assign them to their ideal jobs and help them develop their skills by training them or providing them outfits and weapons to increase their chance of survivability.

Customize the dwellers and the rooms.

Fallout Shelter allows you to customize any dwellers. You can also put a theme on some of the rooms including the Living Quarters and Diners.

Grow the community.

Let your dwellers build their own family to grow your community.

Explore the Wasteland.

Send dwellers to the Wasteland to get items, meet other survivors, and gain experience.

Protect your vault.

And lastly, protect your vault at all cause. Make sure that dwellers are safe and put your best soldiers on defense to stop threats from damaging or destroying your Fallout Shelter.

So what are you waiting for? Fallout Shelter is a game you can download on your PC or gaming laptop for free. Here’s the link on Steam:

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