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Little Nightmares – Confront Your Childhood Fears

Little Nightmares

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Sometimes, we all want to rest from action-packed FPS or RPG games, and enjoy a laid-back puzzle platformer adventure game during the weekend. And if you’re actually in the mood for one, then I definitely would like to suggest the newest puzzle video game that is grabbing everyone’s attention. The game called Little Nightmares.

If you enjoyed the Krillbite Studios’ Among The Sleep, then Little Nightmares is the game for you. Developed by Tarsier Studios and released for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops via Steam, Little Nightmares introduces a game that will let you face your childhood fears.

Interested? Then let’s know more about the game:


Little Nightmares follows the story of a nine-year-old girl named Six who is trapped in The Maw, a surreal resort that caters to whims of sick and magical creatures. After waking up in its lower depths, Six decides to escape the harsh confines while having regular moments of insatiable hunger.

While ascending The Maw, Six must face various adversaries like the Janitor who has been capturing children, the grotesque Twin Chefs, the Guests, and the leader of The Maw known as The Lady.

Explore and solve puzzles to escape.


Little Nightmares Gameplay

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The game lets you enter a grim universe where you play as a little and defenseless child named Six. Trapped in the dark and terrifying world of The Maw with nothing but her wits and a lighter, she must fight light in the darkness and strength in her weakness to survive. To be able to do this, you must confront your childhood fears.

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer adventure game where you solve problems to finish the quest or escape the dangers presented in the game.


This dark and eerie atmospheric puzzle-platformer adventure game has an intriguing story that delivers a deep meaning. It has a stellar atmosphere, beautiful environment, and an excellent character design. Little Nightmares has been praised by many critics due to its amazing graphics, sound, and story-telling. It is a gleefully strange game that will let you face things you once feared as a child.

Little Nightmares lets you reconnect with your inner child and explore an oversized world where you must be smart and resourceful to escape and survive. Indeed a well-constructed game featuring your childhood nightmares.

It is a well-constructed game featuring your childhood nightmares.

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