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Paragon New Hero Released: Revenant

Paragon New Hero Revenant

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Paragon, the unique third-person perspective MOBA game from Epic Games for gaming PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles, has released a new hero. This new hero comes by the name of Revenant, a once vicious hunter who turned into a malevolent spirit that continues to hunt down fugitives.

Introduced as an ability carry, Revenant excels on isolating targets and collecting bounties to grow stronger, becoming the terrifying hunter everyone fears of.


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Let’s check out his skills:


Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon is Revenant’s ranged basic attack. His Hand Cannon can only hold up to 4 bullets after the fourth shot is fired Revenant will automatically reload the Hand Cannon. His Bonus attack speed decreases reload speed but won’t affect the fire rate.

Hellfire Rounds

At its passive state, Revenant’s last round in the chamber will deal bonus ability damage, and applies effects like Ash of the Witch or removes effects like Divine Shield. If activated, he will reload 4 bullets into his Hand Cannon.


Revenant releases 10 ethereal missiles that home to random targets within a wide cone, dealing immense damage. All missiles are separate ability hits and have random targeting.


Scar allows Revenant to target an enemy for 5 seconds. The next instances of damage from Revenant will trigger bonus ability damage. The extra damage will stack with Hellfire Rounds.


Revenant will pull himself and his target, transporting them into the Nether Realm dealing damage. Killing his opponent inside the Nether Realm will grant him bonus Card XP. During Reckoning, Revenant and his target will only see and attack each other.


Revenant is the newest ranged hero to join the battlefield of Paragon, featuring a variety of traits he can use to his team’s advantage. He is now available to play.

Paragon is a free-to-play MOBA game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs as well as PlayStation 4. It is developed by Epic Games on Unreal Engine and was released last year.

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