League of Legends Introduces Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha’Zix

Two out of this world champion skins will be coming to the Summoner’s Rift: Dark Orianna and Dark Star Kha’Zix. Featuring all new models and animations, they have arrived in the battlefield to find a worthy opponent.

Let’s check them out:

Dark Star Orianna

Dark Star Orianna has carefully examined and disassembled any planets as a part of her haunting performance. For her, the galaxies are her stage, and everyone is just unfortunate actors in her final scene. It’s all new model and textures includes a galaxy swirling around this ominous ballerina. Her new VFX features a black hole within her ball harnessing the power of a supernova. Her new SFX, on the other hand, includes a symphony of space and screams.

The skin also features all new animations featuring Dark Star Orianna gracefully selecting which planet has reached its finale. This skin is set to be priced at 1350 RP.

Dark Star Kha’Zix

The vast reaches of space have always been Dark Star Kha’Zix’s jungle, devouring planets to sate his hunger. But now he has come to the battlefields of Summoner’s Rift to find a precious prey that will prove worthy of his attention. Terror has evolved with his new model and textures. He also has a new VFX which includes slashing and leaping with the force of a collapsing galaxy. His new SFX features a chilling space-bug sound.

The skin also features all-new animations as Kha’Zix slashes open a wormhole to hunt a new prey. The skin is set to be priced at 1350 RP.


Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha’Zix are new additions to the Dark Star theme along with Dark Star Varus and Dark Star Thresh. The skin releases are also a part of Dark Star: Singularity event, a new game mode that features a 3v3 round-based game on a new map called “Cosmic Ruins.”

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