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New Paladin Champion Released: Seris, The Oracle of Abyss

Paladins have another champion to seize the spotlight after Maeve. This time though, Hi-Rez Studios is giving us a support champion by the name of Seris, The Oracle of Abyss. A mobile support that can save her allies from death, Seris also has a great ultimate skill to initiate team fights.

To learn more about Seris, let’s check out her abilities:


Seris fires a stream of magic projectiles that deals damage. Projectiles can pass through enemies and apply a Soul Orb stack with every hit. It can stack up to 4 times. However, a shot can apply stacks to multiple targets, each target can be marked once per shot. This skill has an ammo count of 12 and has a reload time of 1 second.

LEFT CLICK – Restore Soul

Seris restores the soul of an ally, healing them for 2 seconds. However, while using this skill, Seris will not be able to fire her weapon or use any other skills. Restore Soul also requires line of sight to be used since Seris can move, turn around, or move behind walls while channeling the ability.

Q – Rend Soul

Seris detonates all active Soul Charges. This deals 100 damage to the afflicted enemy for every charge detonated. Each charge exploded also heals Seris for 15% of her maximum life. This skill generated 0.6% of her last charge per charge detonated.

F – Shadow Travel

Shadow Travel allows Seris to step into another plane of reality for 5 seconds. While this ability is active, Seris moves in stealth and is immune to all harmful effects. It has an activation time of 1.5 seconds, and Soul Orb is instantly reloaded on use as she enters the other plane.

E – Convergence

This skill has an area damage effect. It lets you cast Seris’ soul core into the battlefield. After a short delay, a portal will manifest and will drag any nearby enemies. Targets pulled by Convergence will be stunned for 1.4 seconds. However, you must remember that the core can bounce off walls and will go off on contact with the floor.


Want to check what Seris can do on the battlefield? Then download Paladins now. It is a free-to-play multiplayer hero shooter video game from Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of the Smite. Paladins allow a cross-platform gaming for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and MacOs computers.

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