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3 New Awesome Card Games to Try on Steam

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If you’re a fan of CCG or collectible card games, then I’m sure you’ll definitely want to know about the latest PC card games that are starting to make some noise on the internet. Well, fret no more, we’ve done the research, and here are the three of the most popular new release CCG games on Steam.


KROSMAGA is a strategic card game where Twelve Gods of the Krosmoz universe must settle their battle by pitting creatures, mortals, and demi-gods against each other in a battle of epic proportions. The game features the deck-building strategy of a CCG with the excitement and challenges presented by a tower defense game in a fantasy setting.

The game allows you to play as a god and unleashes your powers using your premade decks. You can even create your own to become a master of your own strategy. There will be hard PVP battles, superhuman challenges, and hundreds of cards to collect.

KROSMAGA is a free-to-play game from Ankama Games and was just released last April 13, 2017.


Shardbound is a fantasy tactical CCG with an eye-candy graphics you will surely enjoy. It combines board based tactical gameplay with the depth of contents you can only find in collectible card games. It lets you take the role of a Ranger who will form a Noble House with your friends to battle other players and claim the riches of an ancient world.

Collect hundreds of units and build armies to compete with other players and outwit them with your skills. Achieve victory by learning to use the proper positioning, terrain, and your units’ unique ability to your advantage.

Shardbound is another free-to-play game and was developed by Spiritwalk Games. However, it is an early access game and is still under development.


Faeria is the ultimate PC card game for the CCG fans. With already more than 525,000 players, the game has been shaped by a very active community of players. In this game, you will build your deck, shape the battlefield, and defeat your enemies in an epic battle of wits and strategy.

What you’ll definitely love about Faeria is that it is easy to learn. However, if you want to excel in the game, you’ll have to master the insane depth of more than 270 collectible cards and their abilities. The game will also allow you to choose your path, play a casual match with your friends, or join in competitive multiplayer modes.

Similar to Shardbound and KROSMAGA, Faeria is a free-to-play game you can download on your Microsoft Windows gaming laptop or PC.

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