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Mid-Season Tank Updates: Sejuani, Maokai, and Zac

Mid-Season Tank Updates

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As we head on our way to the next PBE cycle, the most-awaited MidSeason 2017 updates will soon be rolling out. And last April 14 at, Meddler has posted a large overview of the upcoming changes we will soon see, and this includes the updates of three tank champions.

Let’s check them out:


Although Sejuani has the potential to be both a barbarian war leader and heavy cavalry, she lacks the characteristics to be able to portray either. For years, Sejuani was defined for her ultimate Glacial Prison, whose team-turning potential has come at the expense of her satisfying power in the rest of her kit. But now RioT Game Designer Solcrushed has decided to break Sejuani from her ultimate bot status by updating her skills that will bring impact when skirmishing with her allies. This includes a redesigned Permafrost, which will now comprise the bulk of Sejuani’s combat contributions.

Permafrost will be able to passively give Sejuani, and her melee allies apply Frost to enemies. And once her target has reached max stacks, Sejuani can point-and-click stun them with her Permafrost. If she attacks a frozen target, she’ll be able to bring significant damage.

Most of Sejuani’s skill will be getting updates as well. Frost Armor will now grant bonus resistances and slow immunity. Winter’s Wrath, which was known before as Flail of the Northern Winds, is now a two-part swing/slam combo, allowing her to strike and stack Frost in any direction. Her ultimate Glacial Prison will no longer stun the entire enemy team, but it will now turn the battleground around its explosion into a slowing zone, bringing a perfect skill to initiate team fights.


Maokai has pretty much an overall champion to use. There’s no situation where he’s a bad pick, but there’s no situation either where he’s a great pick either. Beluga Whale, RioT Associate Game Designer, will sharpen Maokai’s skills to make him The Great Treat.

In the Mid-Season update, Maokai’s Saplings will deal more damage when tossed into the brush, adding new considerations and strategic values for the little sentries. Sap Magic as a passive gets a sharpening. The skill now has a cooldown, and while Maokai can speed it up through his own spellcasters, only enemy abilities that will hit him can grant the same reduction. This will make her more resilient against casters like Karthus and Corki. Lastly, his ultimate, Vengeful Storm, has been completely redesigned. Now known as Nature’s Grasp, he will summon a lane-wide wall of roots that slowly advances forward, rooting the first enemy it hits. It has the potential to corral enemies into the wall’s path and keep them there.


Zac is the best champion to start with regarding a unique skill set. With his ability Cell Division, Zac delivers a combat regen unlike any other champion in the League. Aside from that, Elastic Slingshot gives him the capacity to engage from great distances and unexpected angles. But aside from those two skills, Zac doesn’t have too much stuff to bring into the battle.

Riot Game Designer Shrieve will bring other parts of Zac’s kit up, giving him two new forms of crowd control. Stretching Strikes can now throw a blob hand that will stick onto the first enemy it hits. If it latches, his next basic attack becomes equally sticky, and he’ll be able to use his slimy appendages to slam both targets into each other. His other skill, Let’s Bounce!, will cause Zac to flatten himself into a puddle and gives him an option to charge up for a few seconds. If he let’s go without charging, he’ll bounce in place and knock back nearby enemies. If Zac stays in the puddle form for at least a second, things will change drastically. It will allow Zac to scoop up every enemy on top of him and knocking them all over to a target location.


The three larger champion updates will soon hit the PBE. For more news, you can check out League of Legends news on your gaming PC.

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