Rakan and Xayah Duo Gameplay

Rakan and Xayah

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Rakan, the Charmer, and Xayah, the Rebel, has come to the battlefields of Summoner’s Rift to join the war. They are the first duo champions to be released by RioT, which is made for the bot lane, taking the role of support (Rakan) and a marksman (Xayah). And since they’re the newest champions, expect a lot of players testing them in the normal match.




Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

An extremely mobile support, Rakan is able to dart in-and-out of danger and can disrupt enemies and buff allies with his assortment of shields and heals. Rakan works as the perfect distraction when he leads his opponents in a deadly dance. With skills that can charm, knock up enemies, heal and shield his allies, he is paired best with a marksman in the bot lane — especially Xayah.

Similar to any assassins, Rakan must wait for the perfect moment to take the scene and charm the pants off his enemies.

Tips on Playing Rakan:

  • Use his first skill, Gleaming Quill, to poke enemies from a distance. The ability also triggers a heal which activates if Rakan touches an ally. Continue harassing the enemy lane with this skill until the jungler signals for a gank, use Grand Entrance to shoot in and knock up enemies.
  • If anything goes wrong, you can use Battle Dance to rocket him to a safe distance before the enemies hit the ground.
  • The cleanest combo you can use for Rakan using his skills Grand Entrance and rushing around a fight with his The Quickness, charming his enemies to make a path for his team to deal damage and win the clash.
  • For a different ultimate attack, you can use his ultimate skill before dashing in, charming his enemies right into the knock up from Grand Entrance.

Just remember, when playing Rakan, you have to bear in mind that he works through disruption than damage. His ultimate requires him to run straight into the enemies; thus one must consider a careful execution so he could survive.




Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Similar to his partner, Rakan, Xayah needs a careful and smart game plan to succeed. Start with Xayah by using minion waves to plant fields of barbed feathers, thus daring opponents to step within her range. If the battle begins, use Double Daggers to slice up targets and use her feathers to create a zone of control.

If worse comes to worst, use Featherstorm to save Xayah from any trouble or for her to be able to smother her enemies. However, with a smart execution of her ultimate, Xayah can do both. Featherstorm provides her with a brief invulnerability to dodge any enemy’s ultimate while allowing her to surge forward to spike with knives and feathers. In the end, it’s all about smart gaming.

Tips on Playing Xayah:

  • Use Clean Cut to quickly clear a wave of minions, as well as shred their ranks with a single auto. You can also use this ability during team fights, allowing Xayah to punish enemy in the backline with feathery shrapnel while focusing on wearing down the frontline opponents.
  • If there is one thing that Xayah excels at, it is kiting. If an enemy comes after Xayah, use Deadly Plumage. This allows her to conjure up a storm of feather blades which increase the strength and speed of her next basic attacks. If she is able to hit an enemy champion, she will be able to gain a short burst of movement speed.
  • Since her basic attacks leave feathers, anyone who dares to chase her in a straight line can easily get stuffed once she activates Bladecaller. If the enemy continues, remember that Xayah won’t easily go down without a fight especially if she can enable her raging Featherstorm in due time.

Like most marksmen, Xayah works best if she is safely behind Rakan or any other support. And remember that you won’t want to do anything that would attract the enemy’s tank attention.

Want to try out the newest duo champions of League of Legends? Then download the game on your PC or gaming laptop to join the battle in the Summoner’s Rift.

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