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Best Duo Bot Lane Champions in League of Legends

best duo lane champions

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Currently one of the most played team-based video games, League of Legends requires five players to work together in synchrony to achieve victory especially the two players in the bot lane. Also known as the duo bot, the players usually pick an ADR/ADC champion and support. If these two successfully work their skills set together, they can dominate the game early on.

So before you and your best friend play the game on your gaming PCs, you might want to check out these duo bot lane champions with the highest win rate.

Kog’Maw & Lulu

Kog'Maw and Lulu

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Kog’Maw is one of the ADC champions with a weak early-game, who can scale into a late-game monster that can single-handedly decimate the opponent team if given enough protection. By far, Lulu is the best support for Kog’Maw. This is because Lulu has the right skill set at keeping Kog’Maw alive. And through her skills Whimsy and Help, Pix!, she can massively increase the damage of the abuser Kog’Maw. Thus, many see Lulu as the only optimal way of playing Kog’Maw.

Sivir & Karma

Sivir & Karma

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The combination of Sivir and Karma has always struck fear into the hearts of the enemies and can dominate the bot lane if the players create a good synergy together. With Sivir’s strong, powerful wave clear and Karma’s excellent defensive skills, the two were the bane of any lane. Despite the lack of a true healing potential, Karma’s AoE and personal shields work perfectly well with Sivir’s own spell shield, allowing them to out-trade burst-oriented lanes.

Ashe & Thresh

Ashe and Thresh

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Ashe and Lane both offer good crowd control abilities, and skill sets that complement with each other. Having them in the bot lane together makes them extremely hard to gank. Ashe can consistently throw her Hawkshot into the enemy jungle to check the enemy’s jungler. If worst comes to worst, Thresh can use his Dark Passage to help her escape and grant her the mobility she lacks. Thresh Death Sentence and

Enchanted Crystal Arrow is the ultimate combination to bring death with no escape.

Miss Fortune & Sona

Miss Fortune and Sona

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Miss Fortune and Sona have always been a favorite duo bot lane due to the excellent synchronization of their ultimate skills. Let’s admit it, Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time can bring in a ridiculous amount of damage and can result in overkill. If paired up with Sona’s Crescendo, you get a sure overkill with its stun and magical damage. Aside from that Sona’s movement speed and heal buff helps Miss Fortune survive any sudden team fights or ganks.

Lucian & Bard

Lucian and Bard

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Bard is a strong laner that has high burst damage even during the early game. When paired with Lucian, the two can easily dominate the bot lane. With Bard’s Cosmic Binding and Thunderlord’s from Bard alongside with Lucian’s Lightsinger passive can bring massive damage. However, the strongest point of this duo can also be their weakness. A good enemy jungler can immediately see their potential and continually gank them during the early game. However, Bard’s flexible mobility can always save the day.

How about you? Who’s your favorite bot lane duo?

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  1. Miss Fortune has always been my favorite to support as Sona; their ults together really are overpowered. Sona/Jinx is pretty good, too. I’ve had a couple of games where my Jinx is back at base buying but the enemy adc or support is low and near their turret; I just ult to stun them and Jinx ults from across the map. Easy kill.

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