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Riot Releases League of Legends First Dual Champions: Rakan and Xayah

Rakan and Xayah

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If there is something you need to know about League of Legends, it is that duo players in the bot lane can work miracles in the game. A support and ADC champion that greatly complements each other’s abilities can easily lead to a team’s victory. That’s why maybe Riot decided to release their first ever dual champions: Rakan and Xayah, the couple from the mysterious place called Vastaya.

With skill sets that work well together, Rakan and Xayah are definitely champions you should watch out for:


Rakan - League of Legends

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Rakan, The Charmer, is a Vastayan performer who is known to captivate his audience with his performance. In the battlefields of Summoners Rift, he is a highly mobile support, who can easily dart in and dart out of danger while disrupting enemies and buffing allies. He can charm, heal, knock up, and shield.


  • Passive: Fey Feathers – Rakan creates a shield occasionally even while in combat. Attacking an enemy champion can reduce this ability’s cooldown.
  • Q: Gleaming Quill – Rakan slings an enchanted feather forward. If it connects with an enemy champion or monster, it will deal damage and cause Rakan’s cloak to surge with magic. After a few seconds, a heal triggers in the area around Rakan. The heal activates once Rakan touches an ally.
  • W: Grand Entrance – Rakan leaps forward and land at his destination. He pauses for a dramatic effect before launching into the air and knocking up the nearby opponents.
  • E: Battle Dance – Rakan leaps to an all side and shield them from harm. If Xayah is the target, Rakan rushes to her aid even from an increased distance. Rakan can cast the Battle Dance again after a few second, even on the same target.
  • R: The Quickness – Rakan breaks into a sprint, enchanting his coat to captivate his audience, charming them and damaging all enemies he touches. The first champ he touches will grant him a burst of movement speed.


Xayah - League of Legends

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Xayah, The Rebel, is Rakan’s better half. The perfect ADC to complement Rakan’s skill sets. Unlike the other ADCs, Xayah is best played strategically. With an ultimate that can save her from death or smother her enemies, this provides her a powerful tool that when executed at the right time can allow her to do both. Another thing to know about Xayah is that she works best when she is safely behind Rakan or other supports until she grows stronger.


  • Passive: Clean Cuts – After casting one of her abilities, Xayah’s few basic attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path. It deals reduced damage to all targets after the first.
  • Q: Double Daggers – Xayah throws two blades in a line and damages all enemies it hit.
  • W: Deadly Plumage – Xayah conjures a storm of feather blades which increase the strength as well as the speed of her next few basic attacks. It also causes a short burst of movement speed if Xayah attacks an enemy. If Rakan happens to be nearby Xayah, he also gains the ability’s effects.
  • E: Bladecaller – Xayah recalls all the feathers, dealing damage to enemies when they strike on the way back to her. The enemy will be rooted if the target is hit by several feathers at once,
  • R: Featherstorm – Xayah leaps into the air, making her briefly invulnerable. After a short delay, she then hurls a storm of blades in a cone, dealing damage to truck enemies and leaves a feather upon landing. She can also continue to move while airborne.

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