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CyberPowerPC UK and The Virtual Reality Show

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About the Virtual Reality Show

The Virtual Reality Show in London is an event that will include many of the leading innovators in the technology industry. The show will run from April 20th-22nd and features people involved in a variety of fields including the military, education, film, music, art, and many more. According to the show’s website, the event will be “bringing together some of the freshest tech and the hottest companies working in VR today, with a show floor that covers everything from hardware and software to marketing, development and engagement. For three days in April 2017, it will be a hub for all things Virtual Reality, with the buzz that comes from a show filled with specialists, experts and incredible tech.”

Although the event is mainly geared towards businesses and industry participants, the show will be open to the public on Saturday, April 22nd with 10,000 lucky attendees being given a chance to try out VR products and meet some of the industry leaders. The event includes many different types of featured and themed zones such as the “Military Base”, which will have exhibits with VR in the military, the “Engineers Cave”, and much, much more. The full range of featured exhibits and zones can be found on the Feature Zone page as well as additional VR features page.

For a detailed day-to-day description please visit the SHOW ATTENDEE INFO.

CyberPowerPC UK Involvement

CyberPowerPC UK is proud to announce that we will be attending the event as an exhibitor and will have a booth there to allow participants to experience VR on systems powered by NVIDIA GeForce, AOC Gaming, and MSI. For Thursday and Friday, we will be playing “Arizona Sunshine” and on the public open day of Saturday we will be playing the popular game, “Fruit Ninja”. In addition, our own Business Development Manager at CyberPowerPC UK, David Scott, will be a guest speaker on Saturday on the main show stage. This would be a good opportunity to learn how CyberPowerPC is a world leading computer manufacturer, specializing in customizable systems with flexibility, full customization, and high end performance as our primary focus. The full list of guest speakers can be found here.

So, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, make sure you buy yours now and pay us a visit. Make the virtual world a reality with CyberPowerPC.

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