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ABZÛ – Explore a Relaxing and Peaceful Environment


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If you love the ocean then here’s a game you might want to try.

ABZÛ is a beautiful ocean-adventure exploration game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops. It lets you journey in a hidden and vibrant underwater world that bursts with color and life. Inspired by its art director’s love for diving, the game wants to deliver a “magical experience” to gamers all over the world.

Let’s get to know more about ABZÛ:


The game begins with the player on the surface of open ocean, where the player is instructed to simply dive. While exploring underwater, he will find probes buried in the sun and must re-activate it to proceed. This is where he will enter new areas, where he must revive dead areas of the ocean to reintroduce absent species to their natural habitats by activating their spawning areas.

It lets you immerse in a vibrant and hidden world which burst with color and life as you explore the heart of the ocean.


Abzu - Gameplay

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The gameplay focuses on swimming and exploring, and having peaceful interactions with aquatic animals. Rather than the usual open-world sandbox environment typical to exploration games, Abzû’s progression is through linear and individual chapters are introduced, set in different areas of the sea with environments designed to be explored.

The game presents probes as well, which the player can find buried in the sun. To proceed, the player must re-activate these to interact spawning areas which release a small number of fish species.

At specific points in the game, players will encounter puzzles that involve activating mechanisms and must be solved to proceed.


Abzu - Review

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Abzû is the first video game from “Giant Squid.” It was described by a beautiful underwater adventure which evokes the dream of diving. It was described by Game Informer as a “work of art” and GamesRadar as an “absolutely gorgeous game” to try.

The game offers an amazing visual that go with its stunning music and a lovely vibrant environment. It’s short and easy, making it a relaxing game to play when you feel stressed or troubled. It is also an interesting way to learn more about the ocean and the diversity of life it cultures.

Abzû is truly a stunning video game that will leave you breathless with its beautiful and vibrant world.

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