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The 3 Most Overlooked Tank Support Champions in LoL

Tank Support Champions

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We all have our favorite champions to play in the Summoner’s Rift, but as support main, I always feel that some champions are just underrated. That’s why for today, we’re turning the spotlight to these three most overlooked tank supports in League of Legends.


Sejuani - League of Legends

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Although mostly played as a Jungle Champion, Sejuani can switch it up and act as a strong support in the bot lane. She is a tanky and crowd control machine which makes her an effective duo especially when paired with high damage Marksmen like Ashe, Vayne, or Graves. Her skill kits are suited perfectly to secure kills, providing no escape.


  • Artic Assault knocks up enemies Sejuani, and his boar Bristle passes through until colliding with an enemy champion. Cast this when ganking enemies or helping an ally from a gank.
  • Flail of the Northern Winds upon its cast deals bonus damage to all enemies around the primary target. Upon its second cast, Sejuani rotates her flail around herself for the next 4 seconds which deals magic damage to any nearby enemies for every second. It serves as a practical skill to damage enemies while in the center of team fights.
  • Permafrost upon activation consumes frost to all nearby enemies, dealing damage and slowing them. Cast this skill to secure kills and slow down enemies.
  • Glacial Prison upon cast allows Sejuani to throw a frost-forged bola in a line, shattering upon colliding with an enemy champion. Enemies in the end area are stunned for a short duration and receive magic damage. This skill serves as an effective crowd control when initiating or disabling team fights. Save this ability for encounters where you have your allies to take advantage of it.


Gragas - League of Legends

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Gragas is a fighter-mage which is known for his love of drinking. Many players think that he is a difficult champion to play, causing many to overlook his skills and fantastic gameplay. However, if a player learns to master Gragas, he’ll prove to you that he’s one of the amazing support tank champions in the game. He is a tanky champion that can sustain in lane with his passive and can deliver a lot of damage with his combos.


  • Barrel Roll causes Gragas to roll a cask to the target location. Upon reactivation, the barrel explodes and deals magic damage to all surrounding enemies. You can use it to poke enemies and slow enemies.
  • Drunken Rage reduces all incoming damage that Gragas receives for 2.5 seconds. It is the most efficient skill to make sure you survive in team fights. Drunken Rage is the first skill you want to max.
  • Body Slam causes Gragas to charge forward and deal magic damage to all nearby enemies upon colliding with one. It guarantees a stun which you can use when initiating team fights.
  • Explosive Cask makes Gragas hurls a cask on the target location, and explodes upon impact, damaging all nearby enemies. You can use it to engage team fights.


Sion - League of Legends

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Sion is another tank fighter champion who is the known blood-soaked Noxian war hero from the bygone era. Unlike other support champions, Sion offers a dominant lane presence thanks to his massive amount of crowd control skills which can lock down targets and deal massive damage. Aside from the fact that he is incredibly tanky, he is the perfect champion to use for aggressive players.


  • Decimating Smash causes Sion to smash his ax on the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Soul Furnace gives Sion a shield that absorbs damage for up to 6 seconds.
  • Roar of the Slayer causes Sion to bellows in the target direction and deal magic damage to the first enemy it hits. This skill is a great setup ability for the powerful Decimating Smash.
  • Unstoppable Onslaught causes Sion to charge in the target direction and is immune to all crowd control. Upon colliding with an enemy champion, he slams the ground after a brief delay and deals damage to nearby enemies. Make sure to use this skill on straight paths.

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops. It is developed and published by RioT.

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