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Warframe Releases New Update: Octavia’s Anthem

Digital Extremes Warframe releases a new update into their stream called: Octavia’s Anthem. The update includes new weapons and customizations, new game features, a new quest and an all new Warframe to be introduced by Lotus.


new warframe

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Let your opponents be forced to face the music with Lotus’ newest Warrior, Octavia. With the use of mystical Mandachord, a dangerous tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction, she conducts myriad of siren songs and ambient anthems which entice enemies and inflict melodic maladies. Through her music, she can beat damage into nearby enemies and gain useful buffs.

Octavia’s blueprint can be acquired if you complete the Octavia’s Anthem quest.


new weapons and customizations

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Octavia’s Anthem will also introduce new weapons and customizations which you can add to your Arsenal:

  • Tenora – is Octavia’s signature rifle. It lets you unload percussion machine gun fire or strike a deep chord with a single charge shot.
  • Pandero – is Octavia’s pistol hammers foes with single shots or a rapid volley of bullets.
  • Mucusk Syandana – is a crown of bone which spans a mass of writhing, meaty, Infested tentacles.
  • Mandachord Instrument Packs – lets you change the instruments on the Mandachord which allows you to compose different genres of music.


new quest

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The new quest is called “Octavia’s Anthem,” which will have you drawn into the Relay by the vast consciousness Cephalon Suda, which starting to exhibits some strange and disoriented behavior which warrants investigation. Using your Warframe, you must find out what happened to the Cephalon Suda before the knowledge she has collected is destroyed.

Octavia’s Anthem update will also introduce a new game feature known as the “Captura” feature. It lets you use a vast array of tools to compose the perfect shot. You can now choose your favorite location, spawn in enemies, slow down or speed up the time to produce a stunning photograph. You can now add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects, as well as graphic options.

Warframe is a third-person co-op game that lets you use a Warframe, an exoskeletal armor suit which protects its wearer by giving them an array of supernatural abilities to help them in combat. This is a free game from Digital Extremes which you can download on your PC or gaming laptop.

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