League of Legends Reveals April Fools Day Skins 2017

League of Legends April Fools Skin 2017

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Every year, Riot releases a set of fun and playful skins for our favorite champions as a part of the April Fools Day celebration. The skins first started as a part of the URF game mode but have now become a staple of each April Fools.

Here are 2017’s April Fools League of Legends skins:

Moo Cow Alistar

Moo Cow Alistar

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Moo Cow Alistar shows your favorite Minotaur in a cow onesie. He rans as fast as he can to avoid being slowed or gnawed to pieces by the vicious but cute Pug’Maw. This new April Fools skin includes all new model and texture, as well as new particles for all of his skins including his ultimate. He’ll also be showing a new recall animation and hit some new dance moves which feature a visit from Meowkai’s saplings. He’s available for 975 RP.


Pug 'Maw

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Pug’Maw is an adorable little doggy who is adored by his owner and is spoiled with dozens of toys and treats. The skin features Kog’Maw as a little pug with soulful eyes and a soft fur cut as well as new particles for his ultimate, giving him some splashes of dog drool. He will also have a new idle and recall SFX where you’ll hear the yips and pants of this active and very playful dog. It will also feature a new recall animation which includes him showing how a good boy he is by showing his ball tricks.

Super Kennen

Super Kennen

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Super Kennen has come to save the day. Running as fast as lightning, he comes to aid his friends, Moo Cow Alistar and Renektoy, as they escape the claws of Pug’Maw. The skin features our ninja yordle in a superhero costume inspired by no other than the DC comic hero, The Flash. It also has new particles for his basic attack and first skill. He even wields an electric blue energy bolt which he uses to defeat the villains who threaten the weak.



Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Renektoy is always angry. Some brave souls have asked this fearsome creature the reason for his attitude. Well, he has one thing to say. The Pug’Maw has made him this way. He spends most of the time running away from the slobbering puppy. The skin features a new model and texture, giving Renekton a body of bright building blocks. He also has a new VFX for his ultimate, featuring powder blue dust swirling around him, as well as a new SFX which includes his death, presenting the sound of a plastic toy tumbling.


These new April Fool Skins are now available in PBE. If you want to try them out yourself, go and log in to Garena and download League of Legends for free in your gaming PC. These skins are all part of Riot’s April Fool’s Day Celebration also known as the URF Day.

Enjoy guys!

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