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Overwatch Finally Reveals New Hero: Orisa, The Guardian Robot

new overwatch hero Orisa

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Last week, Blizzard finally revealed Overwatch’s new and 24th hero, Orisa. In a developer video update uploaded by Overwatch, game developer Jeff Kaplan describes her as a tank hero whose weapons has more range compared to other existing heroes.

Orisa Creation

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Created from the dismantled pieces of OR15 defense robots, Orisa is a repaired and configured robot that was given a personality core by her creator, Efi Oladele. Urged to become a hero by her creator, Orisa strives to become strong and brave and be the hero Numbani needs.

Let’s check out her skills:


Fusion Driver

Fusion Driver is a direct projectile attack. It causes Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon to deliver sustained damage but causes her movement to slow while she fires it.


Halt! is Orisa’s first skill. When activated, Orisa launches a graviton charge which she detonates with the same action. As the sphere slows, it pulls all nearby enemies to it.


Once activated, it reduces all damage Orisa takes for a short duration of time. It also cannot be affected by any action-impairing effects.

Protective Barrier

Orisa throws an arcing projectile that acts out as a stationary barrier which can protect her and her allies on all enemy fire.


The Supercharger is Orisa’s ultimate ability. She deploys an electronic device called “The Drum,” at her feet. The device causes a fifty percent damage boost to all allies within its range. The device lasts for 15 seconds unless it gets destroyed by the enemies.


Orisa’s primary role in the game is to act as the central anchor of her team. In the same time, she must be flexible at all situations to defend her teammates from the frontline with her protective barrier.

Created to protect the weak and the innocent, Orisa enters the world of Overwatch as the newest hero. To try Orisa for yourself, you can download the game for your PC or gaming laptop at

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