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Top Card Games to Download on Steam

play top card games on steam

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Gone are the days when you can only enjoy collectible card games with your friends on the table. Because now, you can play with your friends online wherever they are. Thanks to CCG video games, also known as trading card video games, fans of collectible card games such as Magic Duels, Uno, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Hearthstone on your PC or gaming laptop. But for now, let’s check out five of the top card games on Steam.

Magic Duels

play magic-duels on steam

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Magic Duels is the video game based on the popular collectible card game by Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering. It has a similar gameplay as the original card game but includes a  story mode which follows the origin story of five Planeswalkers. It introduces thousand of mythical creatures, allows you to cast legendary spells, and lets you join in epic online duels. Build great decks and experience some of Magic’s most iconic story.


play uno on steam

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Uno is one of the most iconic card game which we all learned to know and love. No wonder, Ubisoft decided to develop and release a video game adaptation of this popular card game. Play and match cards either by matching color or value, or try playing action cards to change things up. And to make things more exciting, Uno offers several branded theme that will change the way you play the game.


play armello on steam

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Armello is a grim fairy-tale inspired video game which combines the elements of tabletop strategy, tactical card play, and RPG. The game lets you wage epic and multiplayer battles with other players online. Cast spells, hire agents and prepare everything you need to succeed in your quest for the throne. People who love animations from Ghibli Studios will enjoy its graphics and its fantasy-filled environment.


play spellstone on steam

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Spellstone is a fantasy card game from Synapse Games filled with beautifully hand-drawn art and rich lore. You can collect hundreds of card and use it to battle on your journey to unravel the mystery behind the Void. Each hero and creatures belong to one of the three factions: Fiery Chaos, Nimble Aether, and Powerful Wyld. The game offers 96 levels for players to explore as well as 7 levels of mastery with different rewards.

Shadowverse CCG

play shadowverse-ccg on steam

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Shadowverse CCG introduces you to the bloody battlegrounds of Japan’s number one competitive card collecting game. It features an amazing artwork and a unique game mechanics to provide the visually and tactically rich collectible card game. Collect cards, create your deck, and battle out with real-time opponents around the world. It also allows you to master seven character classes, each with unique play styles and killer cards.

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