League of Legends New Skins: Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao and Dragon Sorceress Zyra


Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

League of Legends will introduce two new skins in their Dragonslayer line: the Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao. The Dragonslayer theme features your favorite champions as dragon slayer warriors who fight against terrorizing mythical creatures except for Dragon Sorceress Zyra, who will take the role of the antagonist.

Let’s check out these two new skins:

Dragon Sorceress Zyra


Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

In a mountain cave, far beyond anyone’s reach, is where the mythical creature lives known by the name Dragon Sorceress Zyra. The Stranglethorn hero’s new skin is the first Dragonic Antagonist to the Dragonslayer skin line. It features all-new model and textures for Zyra, her dragons, and their eggs. It also includes new particles for all her abilities. It also has new wing animations on an idle, taunt, as well as a new recall animation. The skin also features a new recall wind down, a new audio for recall animation and for all her abilities.

Dragonslayer Xin Zhao


Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

The almighty Dragonslayer Xin Zhao decided to climb the mountains to find the cave where a mysterious woman who is rumored to be behind the sudden dragon resurgence, causing terror to the kingdom. With a fierce determination to protect his kingdom and its people will drive him onward, no matter what the cause is. It features all new model and textures, visual effects, and sound effects. It will also come with all new animations.

The Dragonslayer Xin Zhao is the latest addition to the Dragonslayer skins. He shares this theme with Dragonslayer Braum, Dragonslayer Jarvan IV, Dragonslayer Pantheon, and Dragonslayer Vayne.


Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Dragonslayer Xin Zhao will be 1350 RP. They are now available to play on PBE. To purchase them, make sure to update your League of Legends program on your gaming PC. If you haven’t download it yet, then here’s the link: https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/download.

Here are the skinspotlights:

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