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The Best Featured Game Modes in League of Legends

Hunt Of The Blood Moon

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A week ago, I was able to play League of Legends’ new featured game mode “Hunt of the Blood Moon,” which was released as a part of the “Blood Moon” event. Playing the game lead me to the creation of this article. And as we all know, one of the best things about LoL is it offers new and special game modes during special events for the players to try. Here are five of my favorites:

Hunt of the Blood Moon

Hunt of the Blood Moon is the newest featured game mode that goes in conjunction with the Blood Moon Festival and the release of Blood Moon skins. It’s a 5v5 blind pick game composed of assassins played on Summoner’s Rift. The team competes with each other, sacrificing the opposition to secure the Blood Moon’s blessing and gain the power of the Demon Herald by killing it. The team most successful in gaining points wins the game.

Doom Bots

The Doom Bots of Doom was first released in 2015, and the first featured game mode to include bots and utilize them. The game features Co-op vs. AI where each bot is mutated and has empowered abilities. As the match progresses, the Doom Bots will mutate further and can pick up the abilities of other champions, alongside their own. In 2016, The Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots was introduced during the Halloween events and features Devil Teemo.

Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F.)

Ultra Rapid Fire, also known as U.R.F., and New Ultra Rapid Fire (N.U.R.F.) are special featured game modes for April Fools’ Day. In this game mode, champions are given 100% increased for mana and energy consumption, and 200% cooldown inflation on all abilities, activated items, as well as summoner spells. There is also a 50% increased in crowd control duration skills including any airborne or suppression.

Legend of the Poro King

The Legend of the Poro King is part of the Snowdown Showdown annual event. It is a 5v5 Blind Draft mode played in the Howling Abyss, where your team goal is to destroy the team’s nexus. However, throughout the game, you must throw your Poro companions at your enemy to gain Poro Marks. Upon reaching 10 Poro Marks, your team will be able to summon the Poro King to fight with you.


Ascension is a recurring temporary game mode that was introduced in League of Legends which is originally made for the Shuriman event. The game is played in the Crystal Scar, where it is not possible for the players to leave the fountain by foot, and must use the Golden Transcendence to teleport onto one of the ports. In this map, Xerath is an Ancient Ascendant as a stationary neutral monster which when killed by your team bestows the Ascension buff, empowering its bearer.

The Hunt of the Blood Moon just ended but will be followed by the U.R.F./N.U.R.F, which is usually released on the week of April Fools Day. To try the game mode first hand, download League of Legends on your gaming PC and join us in the Summoner’s Rift.

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