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The 3 Legendary Factions of For Honor

For Honor, A Hack-and-Slash Fighting RPG

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Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash fighting RPG “For Honor” is finally out and available to download. Highly praised by critics during its beta, the game is known for its “The Art of Battle” melee combat system and its “medieval” characters.

You see, in For Honor, the player can take the role of soldiers such as Knights, Samurai, and Vikings, and participated in a battle within a medieval fantasy setting.

Let’s get to know more about For Honor’s medieval soldiers:


Order. Ancestral Roots. Protection.

The Knights, The Legion, are the guardians of the people. They live for their duty, and that is to stand strong against all invaders, and protect those who are weak. With their shield and their sword, they are bound by their unbreakable oath to defend their homeland to their death. For centuries, the Knights had been scattered, but now, they have begun to reunite under a single banner, the Iron Legion.


  • The Warden
  • The Conqueror
  • The Peacekeeper
  • The Lawbringer


Mastery. Exodus. Survival.

The Samurai are from the Dawn Empire which is also called The Chosen. They are fearless, disciplined assassins from an ancient empire that was lost to the great cataclysm. Now, they fight with a new goal, and that is to rebuild themselves in a new land with a new emperor. With unmatched skills, these masters of war will wield their blades to attain victory. For a Samurai knows that in there is no honor in defeat.


  • The Kensei
  • The Shugoki
  • The Orochi
  • The Nobushi


Freedom. Raiders. Clan.

The Vikings, The Warborn, are ferocious beasts in the battlefield, who unleash their fury upon the weak. They have previously been thought to vanish, but now they have returned to take new lands, conquer, and dominate to reclaim their ancient homeland in the North. They are unmatched and unstoppable. They live for battle and glory and will do anything to gain what they want even if it means destroying anything in their path.


  • The Raiders
  • The Warlords
  • The Berserkers
  • The Valkyries

For Honor is the newest hack-and-slash and action-fighting game from Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops. Check out the game on its official website at

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