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New Paladins Champion: Maeve of the Blades

Maeve in Paladins Game for your Gaming PCs

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Paladins have added a new champion to their roster: Maeve of the Blades. An extremely mobile flanker, Maeve has a skill set that lets her quickly reach areas in the map faster than any other champions in Paladins.

Maeve, as a flanker, excels best in taking out the enemy behind. You can call them as assassins, and they work best in surprising their opponents. To learn more about Maeve, let’s check her champion teaser and skills:



Maeve's Skills, The Dagger

Maeve throws two daggers every second which deals damage. Each dagger is individual projectiles that are fired one after the other. These daggers deal direct damage.


Maeve's Skills - Pounce

Pounce allows Maeve to quickly dash forward and collide with an enemy to perform a melee strike that deals damage. Upon collision with an enemy unit, Maeve bounces back off of them and knocks back the target.

Nine Lives

Maeve's Nine Lives Skill

Nine Lives, when activated, heals Maeve. It also reset the cooldowns for two of her other skills: Pounce and Prowl.


Maeve's Prowl Skill

Prowl increases Maeve’s movement speed by 80% and increases her jump height for four seconds. However, upon firing your weapon or using another ability will cancel the skill. During Prowl, Maeve can also double jump during its duration.


Midnight Skill of Maeve

Upon activation, any enemy unit within 300 feet will have their vision restricted to a 30-foot radius for four seconds. The targets affected by the skill will see a purple circle around them that determines their vision range. The ability gives Maeve and her allies an advantage when sneaking an attack.

Paladins is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS game with a team-based shooter gameplay for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops. You can download it on Steam at

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