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Home » League of Legends 2017 Roster of Starting Champions–And Why You Should Master Them! (Part 2)

League of Legends 2017 Roster of Starting Champions–And Why You Should Master Them! (Part 2)

League of Legends 2017 Roster of Starting Champions 2

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And we’re back! In the first part, we discussed the first batch of League’s starting champions: Ashe, Garen, Jinx, Kha’Zix, and Lissandra. Today, we’re going to name the other five which includes two powerful Mages, two Fighters, and one Marksman.

As mentioned in the previous article, League presents ten starting champions every season. As a new player, you’ll be able to play only ten champions until you reached Level 5. Here are some of them:


Role: Mage

Lux One of the League of Legends Starting Champions

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Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a long-range champion that can deal an immense amount of magic damage. Thus, she is very dependent on mana-regenerating items. Lux also happens to have the perfect skill set to catch and destroy enemies even from afar.

Her first skill, Light Binding, can root up to two enemies, which can be followed with Lucent Singularity that can slow and explode, deal damage in an area of effect. To finish the kill, activate her ultimate skill, Final Spark, where she summons a beam of light that can damage all enemies in the direction.

Lux is often played as a support champion in the bot lane. However, if given the circumstance, she can also act as the Mage champion to secure the mid lane.


Role: Mage

Ryze One of League of Legends Starting Champions

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Similar to Lissandra, Ryze is a Mage champion that takes the top lane or mid lane. He is a powerful short-ranged Mage with abilities that scales both Ability Points and his maximum Mana. To actually use his skill sets, the player must focus on building a few Mana items to sustain Ryze throughout the game. Doing so can also provide an advantage for his passive skill, Arcane Mastery, where his Ability Power can increase his maximum Mana Based.


Role: Fighter

Shyvanna One of the League of Legends Starting Champion.

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Shyvanna, the Half-Dragon, is a flexible champion that can act either as a tank, a fighter, or even both. She can also be a damage dealer. It all comes down to the items you’ll build for her. This makes Shyvanna ideal for examining item building for different situations.

Shyvanna is one of the few champions that have a Fury Bar, which is used to enhance their skills. Her Fury Bar will fill up every time she attacks. Once it’s full, Shyvanna can use her ultimate, Dragon’s Descent, which transforms her into a dragon, enhancing her ability for a short period.


Role: Marksman

Varus One of the League of Legends Starting Champions

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Varus, The Arrow Retribution, is the bearer of the Corrupted Bow. He is a slow marksman whose damage comes from his basic attacks and abilities. His skills, Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows, are excellent for harassing opponents as well as farming minions.

His last, Chain of Corruption, allows him to fling out a damaging tendril of corruption that immobilize the first champion it hits, which then spread towards uninfected champion, immobilizing them as well. The skill is a useful tool in starting team fights or disabling it through locking down opponents, rendering them defenseless for a few seconds.


Role: Fighter

Wukong One of the League of Legends Starting Champions

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Everyone knows about the legend of The Monkey King. Wukong is the notable melee fighter in Summoner’s Rift. His third skill, Nimbus Strike, allows him to dash towards an enemy and sends out clones that can attack up to two additional enemies near it. He can then follow the attack with his first skill, Crushing Blow, which deals additional physical damage as well as reducing enemy’s armor for a short duration of time.

His second ability, Decoy, on the other hand, provides an escape when he’s being pursued by enemies. It can also be quite useful when ganking or sneaking up on an enemy. Wukong can often be found in the top lane as a solo fighter.

And that’s it, the starting champions for League of Legends Season 7. Which champion do you like to use in your first match? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to try the game, it is free to download for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops in this link.

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