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Riot Brings Blood Moon Jhin, Diana, Twisted Fate, and Talon to the Rift

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In League of Legends lore, an event called the Blood Moon happens once a year. The term came from Ionian citizens to describe the night during the Festival of Fire. In 2012, the first set of champions that donned the Blood Moon skins were released: Blood Moon Akali and Blood Moon Shen. It was later followed by Blood Moon Kalista on 2014, the haunting spirit that was told in the Tale of Reina.

In 2015 and 2016, Blood Moon Thresh, Elise, Zilean, Yasuo, and Kennen was introduced. And in the recent Patch 7.3, Riot finally revealed the 2017 batch of Blood Moon skins. It includes Blood Moon Diana, Blood Moon Jhin, Blood Moon Talon, and Blood Moon Twisted Fate.

Let’s check out them out:

Blood Moon Diana

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Blood Moon Diana features the silver-haired beauty, wielding the Blood Priestess’s blade, her face hiding behind a Japanese Noh theater mask. The skin has new particles, showing off deep, dark shades of crimson and violet. It also features a new SFX which includes unsettling and ghostly echoes, and a new recall animation that shows a haunting ritual.

Blood Moon Jhin

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Blood Moon Jhin desires blood to come in more colors. With every brushstroke comes the death of another victim. The Blood Moon skin gives Jhin a new demonic look, perfect for The Virtuoso killer. It comes with new VFX that shows bloody ink splatters, a new SFX that feature a Curtain Call that has the new Blood-Moon themed music, and lastly all new animations.

Blood Moon Talon

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Under the Crimson Moon, Blood Moon Talon sneaks toward his target without a sound, plunging his blade into its heart before vanishing into the night. The skin features our favorite Noxian assassin in demonic clothes and includes new VFX that gives him crimson blades with blood magic. The skin also gives him new SFX and animations.

Blood Moon Twisted Fate

check out blood moon twisted fate

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Blood Moon Twisted Fate believes that destiny sees blood in heaven, and thus he must use his cards to draw blood on earth. Like the other Blood Moon skins, it features a complete all-new model for Twisted Fate, VFX that gives him spooky Destiny eye, and SFX for his mysterious cards.

The Patch 7.3 is rolling out, so make sure to update League of Legends on your gaming PC. The new Blood Moon skins are all set to be 1350 RP.

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