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NA LCS Week 3 Update


Photo Credit: Youtube

The end of week 3 in the NA LCS began to separate the top teams from the middle of the pack. Cloud 9 still remains the undisputed best team at the moment with their flawless 6-0 record. In particular, their top laner, Impact, has been looking very solid and possibly one of the best top laners in the world. Right behind C9 are TSM and FlyQuest (OG C9) with 5 wins and 1 loss. Interestingly enough, TSM’s wins have not been convincing at all. All of their wins have been a full three game series with TSM winning 2-1. Phoenix1 rounds out the top four teams with a 4-2 record and holds a 2 win difference from the next closest team.

After Phoenix1 comes a big clump of teams tied for 5th-8th place. Liquid, CLG, Immortals, and Echo Fox all have 2-4 record. All these teams have shown signs of promise, however they have not really been able to utilize the pieces of their teams which resulted in their losses. These teams will be vying to separate themselves from the other teams in the upcoming weeks as one win or one loss could send them skyrocketing to the top or plummeting to the bottom.

Unfortunately, rounding out the standings are Envy and Dignitas who both hold a 1-5 record. Still, all hope is not lost as both teams have shown they have what it takes to win. Also, the Spring Split has just started and there are still many more games for Envy and Dig to improve their records.

Cloud 9 and TSM being in the top 2 shouldn’t really be too surprising for anyone. However, FlyQuest has certainly shocked many people with their amazing performance so far. With all the high profile Korean imports, the rest of the split is shaping up to have many more exciting games.

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