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Home » Inside – A Dark Puzzle Game from the Creators of Limbo

Inside – A Dark Puzzle Game from the Creators of Limbo

Inside - A Dark Puzzle Game from the Creators of Limbo

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From the critically acclaimed creators of Limbo comes a new dark and atmospheric puzzle game about a boy who finds himself drawn stuck in the center of a dark project. Alone and hunted, he must escape by solving environmental puzzles while avoiding death.

Following the visual and minimalistic theme of its monochromatic predecessor, Inside has received critical acclaim upon its release. Let’s check out this new game from Playdead out!


The game introduces the story of a boy wearing a red shirt living in a dystopian world. Stuck in the middle of a dark project, he tries to do everything to escape. On his journey, he’ll have to face and go through numbers of adversaries.

There will be hundreds of enemies including the zombie-like creatures and guards that are trying to capture the boy. There will also be some who will help you along the way. Know which of them you should trust and try your best to get hold of instruments that will help you solve the puzzles and eventually be the key for you to escape.



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Inside features a puzzle platformer game where the player takes control of an unnamed young boy in a red shirt. The game’s surreal environment is presented in a monochromatic 2.5D platform, where a few colors are only distinct to highlight parts of the environment. It is dark in nature and mostly quiet, except for some of its musical cues.

The player can control the boy to run, walk, swim, climb, and use objects to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to progress in the game. Once the boy had gained the mind control helmet, he will be able to control the lifeless gray bodies to solve some of the puzzles.

The boy can also die in various ways and respawns from the most recent checkpoint. There are also hidden rooms in the game that contains glowing orbs. If all these orbs are deactivated by the player, an alternative ending will be unlocked.


Inside has received universal acclaim and has been noted as a masterpiece, and a successful successor to Limbo. It is one of the eeriest dark adventure game that will keep you captivated. It has won several awards including Game Critics Awards 2016’s Best Independent Game, United Awards 2016 Best Console Game, and Giant Bomb 2016’s Best Looking Game.

The game is currently available on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming laptops and PC.

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