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Warwick: The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun


With League of Legends’ 7.2 patch rolling out today, the new, updated Warwick has also stepped onto the rift. The changes have helped made Warwick very effective at chasing down enemies with his increased mobility. In addition, the overall look of the champion has become sleeker. The designers have stated that Warwick’s new look is more of a chimera rather than a werewolf.

All credit goes to Riot and their League of Legends Youtube channel for the following clips.

Q, Jaws of the Beast 


Warwick’s Q, Jaws of the Beast, causes him to lunge forward and bite his target, healing him for some of the damage dealt. Continuing to press Q causes Warwick to lock onto his target and leap behind them. Ingame, this ability can help Warwick close the distance between him and his target, especially with the leap behind them.

W, Blood Hunt


Warwick’s biggest mobility change comes from his W, Blood Hunt. There is both a passive and active component to this ability. The passive allows Warwick to Blood Hunt enemy champions with less than half health. Blood Hunted champions leave behind a global trail of blood, and Warwick gains bonus movement speed when moving towards them. His attack speed is increased if he catches up to the Blood Hunted targets, with all of these bonuses being tripled against enemies on the verge of death. As an added bonus, this ability works against neutral monsters which should help Warwick clear his camps. The Active part is similar to Rengar’s ultimate and makes the nearest champion Blood Hunted regardless of their health. All of the bonuses for the passive apply, even if the enemy is at full health. This ability helps him track down wounded enemies as well as give some indication of their whereabouts on the map.

E, Primal Howl 


His E, is Primal Howl, which reduces the damage Warwick takes for a short period of time. At the end of the short period, or if E is activated again, Warwick fears up nearby enemies. Primal Howl is useful for diving enemy champions under turrets.

R, Infinite Duress


Once Warwick’s R, Infinite Duress, is activated, he leaps in the chosen direction and suppresses the first champion he hits, dealing damage. The leap distance is dependent on his movement speed and he also heals himself for the damage dealt while using Infinite Duress. The ability is also immune to crowd control effects. This makes it very effective for diving lanes and catch unsuspecting enemy champions.

Overall, the changes to Warwick have made him a very effective jungler with the ability to clear camps much easier and dive wounded enemies. His W is his greatest asset, helping him run down enemies for the kill. Beware the next time someone locks in Warwick in one of your games as he will never end his pursuit if you’re below half health.

For more information about the Warwick update, visit the League of Legends reveal page.

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