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Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons: An Epic Fairytale Journey

Brothers game

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If you’re a big fan of Daedalic Entertainment’s Silence, then I’m sure you’re going to love this adventure game titled “Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.” From the renowned Swedish film director, Josef Fares and the creators of Syndicate, Starbreeze Studios, comes this epic fairytale journey of two brothers as they face the odds to find the cure to their father’s sickness.


The game tells the story of two brothers: Naia and Naiee. The scene starts with Naiee, the younger one is seen paying respects to his mother’s tombstone. His mother died drowning at the sea while he remained unable to save her. His elder brother, Naia, appears and calls him to help him bring his ill father to the village’s doctor. However, upon reaching their house, their father told him that it was impossible for his condition to make it to the village, and the only thing that can save him is the water from the Tree of Life.

Determined to save their father, the two brothers set on a journey to find and bring back the “Water of Life.” But the journey won’t be easy; they need to face adversaries and must rely on another to survive. They must work together and fill each other’s weaknesses, and know what it really means to have a “brother.”


Brothers Gameplay

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Brothers feature a third-person view where you can see the two brothers. Players must take note the each of the brothers has his own strength and weakness. For example, Naia, the older one, is stronger and can quickly pull on levers or help his younger brother to reach high spaces. Naiee, the younger one, on the other hand, can easily pass between narrow bars. You must remember these qualities so you can quickly solve puzzles by using their strengths accordingly.

The player can progress by manipulating the brothers to complete the puzzles presented in the game. The game often requires the players to use the two brothers to perform different actions and complete the task.


The game has received critical acclaim. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons offers a unique gameplay and a touching story without delivering any words. The graphics are outstanding and showcases a relaxed atmosphere, with different kinds of locations that are undoubtedly breathtaking. The game features a co-op gameplay in a single player mode.

The Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons can stir up emotions. Witness how these brothers defy the odds to save their father. The game is currently available on Steam for Windows Microsoft PCs and gaming laptops. It is published by 505 Games and one of the critically acclaimed action-adventure indie games.

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