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LCS Resumes This Weekend


Photo Credit: Redbull

After the long break between Worlds, the LCS is set to resume this weekend beginning with the EU LCS on Thursday, January 19. The NA LCS Spring Split will begin on the 20th with TSM matched up against C9. During the break, there have been numerous roster changes and newsworthy events. This article will go over some of the major changes in the LCS this coming split.

Apex Becomes Dignitas, Imports Two Koreans

One of the changes that might confuse newer viewers is the fact that Apex was bought by the Philadelphia 76ers. The organization also acquired the Dignitas brand name and rebranded Apex as Dignitas. Even more importantly, the team imported Ssumday and Chaser from KT Rolster and Jin Air Greenwings respectively to the United States to play for Dignitas. Both players were excellent in their roles back in Korea and have the potential to lead Dignitas to a high placing this split.

Immortals Split

The Immortals team from the last few splits has all but dispersed as all of their members have gone separate ways. Only Pobelter remains from the old lineup. The highest profile change to this team is in the top lane with the legendary Flame coming over from Korea to take Huni’s old spot.

sOAZ Returns to Fnatic, Origen Fields New Lineup

Almost all of the European teams went through one change or another during the off season and Fnatic was no different as sOAZ returned to the lineup. Most of their other roles swapped out also. However, on the flipside, with sOAZ returning to Fnatic, Origen’s entire lineup was overhauled with new players.


The three changes covered in this article are only a few of those that happened throughout the off season. Just be sure to remember that when you see your favorite team, they might not be the same roster you remembered from last split.

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