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Subnautica Finally Released H20 Update

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Unknown Worlds Entertainment has finally released the first update on their game “Subnautica” for 2017. It is called the H2.0 Update and centers on the visual enhancement of the waters in its open world, adding more effects to make it look realistic.

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The water looks more bluish than before, its surface refraction more notable than before. Looking up from the depths, the light refracts in the water’s surface creating a glistening view of the sky above. Aside from that, the water in Subnautica now can form waves which interact with the environment. The effect looks breathtaking both from below and above the waterline.


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Another notable thing about the H2.0 Update is that the daylight and other artificial resources are now affected realistically by the depth and the surrounding geology. For example, unlike before, caves will be in total darkness, illuminated only by shafts of lighting or natural bioluminescence. There will also be darker nights that players should prepare for.


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Moon phases and eclipse are also added to the game. The orbit of Subnautica twin moons can now be observed in real-time from the surface of the planet as well as the world’s own orbit around its sun. This allows players to witness spectacular sunrise and sunset, and other unexpected astronomical events that can only be seen on this alien planet.


The update also comes with the Handheld Scanner that helps you understand fragments and species around your environment and gives off details regarding the object that had been scanned. This device definitely contributes to the long-term survival for survivors to use the resources and harness the best in their environment.


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An emergency program has also been updated to the PDA Data Bank that adds cross-compatibility with the new handheld scanner. The new data bank tab can now store a growing library of all the vital information you need to survive in Subnautica. However, the function is still in its alpha stage. It may not be able to be compatible with all the alien lifeforms and technology. Other PDA functions also are updated including the message log, its subtitles and language support.

Aside from these things, the fabricator has also been updated. A water filtration system to supply the player with consumable liquid water, and disposes any harmful elements. There will also be new Aurora wrecks where you can salvage parts you can later on use. There is also the new laser cutter tool that will allow players to easily break in wreckages and find out what lies inside them.

The new update is now available to download on Steam for gaming PC. Let’s check out the H2.0 update trailer below:

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