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Riot Releases Champion Rework Teaser for Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun

playing warwick on league of legends

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There has been news about the reworks of champions Kog’Maw, Shen, Rengar, Gallo, and Warwick. The latter proved to be true when Riot started giving off hints of working and updating Warwick set of skills and abilities, including his looks.

On January 5, released a new story that features Singed experimenting on a test subject to turn it into an augmented beast. It was revealed that Singed, League’s own Mad Scientist, was the one responsible for Warwick’s transformation. He labeled him a test subject #1088 and planned to transform him into a “chimeric predator” through a surgical technique and by injecting it with a transmutation formula.  To complete his work, Singed added mechanical enhancements to its body by drilling through his bones. One of these is hextech claws as seen from Singed’s experimental notes.

Four days after the story was released, Riot dropped the champion teaser for the new Warwick titled “Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun” with details that told of Zaun streets and its criminal underworld hunted by an engineered beast.

In the teaser, you see through the eyes of an unnamed character trying to escape the criminal underworld of Zaun, fleeing from an unseen pursuer. A loud howling can be heard not far away. The scene continues, revealing us the new hex tech-hybrid look of Warwick as he mauled one of the runaways.

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The teaser also gave off hints when it showed Warwick being able to sniff the blood from the escapee’s hands when he cut his hand on the shredded metal of the transport he was riding on. The blood seemed to entice Warwick, causing the chemical to surge into his body, enraging him. Many have noted this to be the revamped version of Warwick’s original ability, Blood Scent.

Aside from that, no one knows when Riot will release the new Warwick to Summoner’s Rift. So make sure to keep the Garena on your gaming laptop or computer updated.

Let’s watch the teaser below:



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