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Home » The Resident Evil Franchise is back with a New CG Movie, Biohazard: Vendetta

The Resident Evil Franchise is back with a New CG Movie, Biohazard: Vendetta

Biohazard Vendetta Movie

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Resident Evil is back with a new movie this 2017. But this time, though, the film won’t star Milla Jovovich or revolve around Alice’s story. It is a CG movie that will feature Resident Evil original characters Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Rebecca Chambers. The film will be the third installment and the sequel to 2012’s Damnation and 2008’s Degeneration.

The film titled Biohazard: Vendetta is set to be released in Japan in May 2017. Its first trailer has been uploaded to Youtube via Zero Media, giving us the first glimpse at the Sony Japan’s third CG Resident Evil movie.

The trailer reveals a new antagonist named Glenn Arias, a man who took over New York Umbrella and TRICELL. In able to take him down, Chris asked Leon for help along with Rebecca. Although the plot isn’t clear yet, it is also seen in the trailer that Rebecca was kidnapped by Arias. It was, later on, revealed that Arias plans to release the Trigger Virus on city and wreak havoc for his revenge.

The trailer also shows Glenn Arias being able to control the zombies. “The wonderful thing about my products is they know the difference between ally and enemy,” he said on the trailer. With that in mind, we only shudder to think how Chris and Leon will survive the wave of zombies to reach Glenn Arias and Rebecca.

Biohazard: Vendetta was written by is directed by Takanori Tsujimoto who did the film at Marza Animation Planet, while its script is written by Makoto Fukami, creator of Psycho Pass and School-Live!

As of now, there is no date mentioned for the film’s international release. Aside from the that, fans of the popular Resident Evil franchise also awaits the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on January 25 for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, XBoxOne and PlayStation 4.

You can now pre-purchase the game on Steam for $59.99.

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