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Space Pirate Trainer – The Perfect Game for Space Pirates

Space pirate trainer on vr

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Are you like Rogue One’s K2SO who dreamed of having your blaster? Well, fret no more, because a VR game has just landed on Steam which allows you to pick up your blasters and shoot off droids in space.

The Space Pirate Trainer fulfills the dream of every Star Wars or Star Trek fanatic, to have their laser blasters and fight hordes of droids trying to shoot you down. Using motion controllers, a laser blaster and the other a transformable weapon which can change into another blaster or a shield. The game puts you inside an arcade-inspired game with all its neon-bright colors and space shooting arrangements, where you have to fight off relentless waves of droids by using all the weapons and gadgets a space pirate needs. Not only that, but you should also learn to dodge the incoming lasers on your way because using your shields won’t pretty much help you win the rank.

Space Pirate Trainer Preview

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Created by I-Illusions, one of its leading developers Dirk van Welden admitted that the Space Pirate Trainer was inspired by retro titles such as Galaga and Space Invaders. For a more conventional modern approach, they also added user interface and menus for the players to easily navigate the surroundings in VR.

“This first wave of VR games is all about experiences,” says Dirk Van Welden to, I-Illusions about his approach to the game. “It’s a new platform, we want innovative gameplay, and smaller studios can take more risks when it comes down to fresh new approaches on VR.”

Space Pirate Trainer Gameplay

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He also mentioned that the game is that the “bullet-time kicks in automatically just when you’re about to get shot.”  This feature allows players to dodge incoming lasers since you can hear the time slowing down gradually. As what Van Welden referred to it, it’s like giving you some sort of spider-sense.

The Space Pirate Trainer offers a very fun shooting experience to gamers, challenging you with it demands physical movements while removing the traveling element. Trying the game for myself was real fun, shooting down droids and buffs that can give you shield or initiating bombs that will attack enemy droids. It will make you feel as if you’re inside a sci-fi war, surviving with the use of your own blasters and shooting down your enemies.

The game is currently available on Steam for VR-ready gaming PCs that has HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as tracked motion controllers. The Space Pirate Trainer is a must-try for Sci-Fi lovers and retro games fans.

Let’s watch it’s game trailer below:


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