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The Brookhaven Experiment – a VR Survival Shooter

Brookhaven on your gaming pc

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If you’re a big fan of zombie survival games like Left4Dead, Dead Rising, Dying Light and Resident Evil, try to imagine a virtual reality game about shooting mutated zombies and monsters as they come for you in waves.

The Brookhaven Experiment is a VR survival shooting game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. In this game, the player must survive terrifying waves of monsters by using a selected number of weapons and tools. You must survive long enough to figure out what have caused the beginning of the apocalypse. And if you’re strong enough, you might even stop it from actually happening.


Something has terribly gone wrong with the world. After the Experiment, mutated things showed up from a hole and began destroying and killing everything. Now, there aren’t many people left, and no one knows how much time there is left for humanity.

However, there is still a chance. That is if you can live long enough to fight off the monsters with a gun and a flashlight. If you’re able to survive through all of these, you just might be able to close off the hole where these monsters kept emerging from. The only question left is will you be able to survive?


Brookhaven gameplay

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In The Brookhaven Experiment, the player stands up in a middle of his game space using two motion controllers. One is for the weapons, and the other for a flashlight. The narrator will tell a part of the storyline at the start of the game, telling you some means of survival. Once the game has begun, mutated zombies will start coming at the player from every angle.

The attacks will come from all around. And as soon as time passed, the numbers of enemies will increase, and you’ll have to look all around to make sure no monster is near enough to attack you.


Brookhaven review

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The Brookhaven Experiment is one of the best games you can play on VR especially if you love first-person shooting games. What makes it more exciting is it features a realistic pistol aiming that will get you feel as if you’re inside the game. The environments are dark and creepy and add to its eerie atmosphere.

I’ve tried the game firsthand, and it really has a realistic feel to it. The zombies are massive, and there are other tons of monsters including some mutated spiders and dog-like goblin creatures that will come at you with tremendous speed. As the game progresses, you’ll meet scarier and massive zombies that will come charging at you. The best way is to shot them in the head, and only zombie game lovers know the satisfaction it can bring.

The Brookhaven Experiment is available to download on Steam for VR-ready gaming PCs with Windows 7 SP1 or newer OS. It was developed and published by Phosphor Games and was released last July 6.

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