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Dead by Daylight Reveals New Sinister Villain, the Hag

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The 4vs1 multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight releases its third chapter, the Of Flesh and Mud DLC. This includes a new map called The Backwater Swamp, a new survivor by the name of Ace, and the latest Killer, the Hag.

The Hag was once known as a woman by the name of Lisa Sherwood who grew up in a quiet town. The people where she lives were kind, and it was led by elders who settle their disputes and keep the traditions alive. But if there was one thing that Lisa loved so much, it was the charms that the elders taught her to draw for safety and fortune.

Lisa was contented with her life. Until one night, everything changed. She was walking through the woods when a terrible storm struck without warning. In the slick wet darkness, Lisa lost her footing, and she hit her head. As she slips and out of consciousness, she saw dark shapes approaching between the trees. Soon when they were close, she saw them, the cannibals with their evil and hungry grins.

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The cannibals chained her to the wall in a flooded cellar. Through it all, she saw the others, their open wounds being swarmed with flies. However, they did not survive when the cannibals began carving bites to their bodies with their rusted blades, but somehow Lisa survived. Although starved and mutilated, she tried to escape, pulling her thin arms as the metal tore through her skin and muscle until she was free. With her flesh oozing with viscous yellow pus and her bones visible beneath her gangrenous wounds, Lisa could go no further. Delirious, she thought of home, the elders, and the charms they taught her. Lisa tried to trace the symbols and felt a deep hunger stirred inside her. She yearned for vengeance and blood.

The police search eventually led them to the old house in the swamp. When they entered it, they found that all inhabitants were dismembered and devoured. Strange symbols were scrawled in blood on the floor. And Lisa’s body was never found.

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Now, she haunts the Backwater Swamp as the Hag, drawing strange symbols on the soil to set a trap for the survivors so she can haunt them quickly. Unlike the other killers, the Hag has no weapon, but this doesn’t mean she’s less of a monster. She can teleport like the Nurse and can use traps like the Trapper. This enables her to hunt her victims more efficiently. Another unique thing about the Hag is her totems which she can allow to weaken her victims.

Want to know more about her? Then let’s watch the Of Flesh and Mud DLC spotlight trailer:

The Of Flesh and Mud DLC is now available to be download on Steam. Dead by Daylight is developed by Behaviour Digital Inc. for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

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