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CS:GO Major Challenger Spots Filled


Photo Credit: HLTV

With the ELEAGUE Major coming up, the qualifiers this weekend for the eight challenger spots brought a Swiss style tournament with a slew of exciting games. The interesting thing about this style of tournament is that teams will always play someone with a similar record to them (unless possibly it’s the final game where a 2-1 team could play a 1-2 team). Every team needs 3 wins to qualify and 3 losses to be eliminated.

GODSENT and FaZe went on a tear to start off the tournament, gathering their three wins quickly and grabbing the first two spots. On the flip side, both Renegades and Spirit had a disappointing performance and found themselves out of the tournament after losing all three of their matches. The next two teams to qualify were expected as both OpTic and dignitas had been performing well lately. Mousesports also found themselves with a 3-1 record to qualify. What was surprising were the three teams that were eliminated with a 1-3 record. The innovative Chinese team, TyLoo found themselves victims to EnVyUs and NiP’s perfect record of attending every major was quashed as they too were eliminated. Rounding out the three was CLG who found themselves also out of the tournament.

The remaining 6 teams were left in a do-or-die situation as one win or one loss would push them over the teetering edge. EnVyUs found their win against a surprisingly good Vega Squadron and G2 eliminated Immortals in a close overtime victory. The last match was between HellRaisers and Cloud9 and another close match ensued, but the CIS team triumphed, taking the final Major spot.

Qualified Eliminated
GODSENT (3-0) Renegades (0-3)
FaZe (3-0) Spirit (0-3)
OpTic (3-1) TyLoo (1-3)
dignitas (3-1) NiP (1-3)
mousesports (3-1) CLG (1-3)
EnVyUs (3-2) Vega Squadron (2-3)
G2 (3-2) Immortals (2-3)
HellRaisers (3-2) Cloud9 (2-3)

ELEAGUE Major Teams

SK Liquid Natus Vincere
fnatic Astralis Gambit FlipSid3
GODSENT FaZe OpTic dignitas
mousesports EnVyUs G2 HellRaisers
Credit for Tables goes to HLTV

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