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The Light Within – Elementalist Lux and Her Many Forms

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When Riot first teased Lux’s ultimate skin, some of us practically new it was going to be something like DJ Sona that has different forms the players can toggle to change its appearance. Well, it was, and the best was Elementalist Lux has 10 forms. Interested? Let’s check them all out:


The Light is Elementalist Lux’s basic form. It features Lux as the powerful queen who defends her kingdom from the Elementalist beasts. She spawns in this form and can transform twice once she gains enough elemental power.


Once she has gained enough elemental power, Lux can pick the element of Air and increase its power. Her complete features change including her outfit, her wand, and the wind-like effects that transpire when she cast her spells similar to those of Janna.


Another prime element Lux can transform into and one that was featured in her cinematic film, it turns Lux into a fiery maiden that has the power to control fire. Her entire features change including her hair and her whole costume. She will also possess a fire-like wing of aura in her back.


Nature is another primary element that player can choose once Lux has enough elemental power to transform. She turns into a force of nature who can use anything that nurtures to defend and fight at her side. Similar to her other transformation, Lux turns completely into a different being, and her primary color in this form is green. All her abilities will have a leaf-like glow and effects when cast.


One of my favorite transformations, Lux turns into a magical maiden of water. She gains new armor, and a cape made of water. Lux uses a bubble as a shield to protect her, and a whirlpool as her third skill. For her ultimate, she released a waterspout to kill her enemies.

Magma (Nature + Fire)

If there is anything hotter than fire, its magma. This element transpires if you select Nature and Fire before this final transformation. Lux turns into a powerful mage that can control magma in all its glory. She toasts her enemies and turns them into a pile of ashes.

Storm (Air + Fire)

Another favorite, the Storm transpires when you have selected the element of Air and Fire as Lux first two elements. This version of Elementalist Lux allows her to control lightning. She stuns her enemies using electricity, protects herself with a ball of electric energy and calls for a massive lightning ball as her ultimate.

Mystic (Water + Nature)

If the player selected Water and Nature as the prior elements during Elementalist Lux’s early game, she transforms into the Mystic, a fairy-like version with butterfly-effects. She also has butterfly wings she can use to fly during the recall.

Ice (Water + Air)

The Ice is the last transformation that will occur if you selected Water and Air as Lux prior elements. She turns into a mysterious mage of ice that can control frost. Her abilities possessed the chilling and frost-like elements you’ve seen on Frejlord characters like Ashe, Sejuani, Anivia, and Braum.

Dark (Water + Fire) / (Nature + Air)

Last but the not the least, the Dark is the ultimate alter-ego of Lux light-based character. She turns into an unstoppable and powerful entity that can control darkness and use it to her advantage. Her costume/armor seems to be inspired by the Black Swan, noting the black feathers that can be clearly seen in its design.

How about you? What’s your favorite element from Lux’s ultimate skin?

The Elementalist Lux is still available in the League’s Online Shop so better get your gaming laptop and check it out now.

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