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ICEY – a Meta Game in Disguise

playing icey on your gaming desktops

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Nowadays, there are just a few 2D indie games in the market that can leave an impression, one of [these] which is ICEY a fast-paced combat side-scrolling game developed by Shanghai FantaBlade Network Technology Co., Ltd. In this game, you follow the narrator’s ever omnipresent voice, as you go on your journey, you will slowly see the world through ICEY’s eyes and will learn the truth about her world.

Sounds interesting? Let’s check out its game trailer:


play _icey_ on gaming desktops

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ICEY isn’t just a simple 2D action game, but a meta game in disguise. From the start of the game, the narrator will urge to go in one direction until the curiosity strikes, and you wonder, “why are you following his direction?” Would it be possible if you learn the truth about ICEY’s world and purpose by your own?

And that’s when the exact point of the game comes in, because, in this game, you will fight the narrator’s tyranny and discover what’s going on for yourself. Become one with ICEY and let loose the shackles of your own identity!


how to play icey on your gaming desktop

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So what does the game offer? ICEY features a fast-paced combat where you can crush your enemies with your hands: attack, dodge, and counterattack. The only way to end the game is to survive, so you must not hesitate and annihilate anything that hinders your path.

The game has simple controls for the players to quickly execute combos even for beginners. Every skill is unique so master your favorite ones and create your own fighting style. Defeat evil cyborg bosses by unleashing flurries of attacks. Find their weak spots to destroy and put an end to them.


ICEY, by far, has received several nominations and awards including Most Promising Game 2nd Prize at Taipei Game Show 2016, Best Technology Award at Indieplay 2015, and became a nominee at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 DENGEKI PlayStation Best Indie Game.

It has received very positive reviews from players worldwide. The game is currently available on Steam for Microsoft Windows and Linux gaming desktops and laptops.

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