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Best Top Lane Champions in League of Legends

Solo top on league of legends

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In the Summoner’s Rift map, players can pick one of the five roles available in the game, determining which lane they should take. Junglers are free-to-roam in the map, killing natural creeps to level up. Attack-damage ranged carry and support champions play hand-in-hand on the bottom lane, while the magic ability champion or mage work in the mid lane. Lastly, there is the tank or fighter that operates on the top lane.

These top lane champions work solo, and this is what makes them interesting to play. For this article, let’s check the best champions to play on the top lane:


Riven on league of legends

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Riven is a strong flow-based fighter with aggressive combo attacks that can destroy her enemies. With her strong offensive skills, she can play aggressively and can deal lots of damage. Riven also has two crowd control abilities, and can quickly counter or get away with her first ability, Broken Wings. She also excels at fighting multiple melee attackers at once.


Irelia on league of legends

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Irelia is the champion who got nerfed several times but remained as one of the strongest. Her Bladesurge can let you cover great distances and target low life minions on your way to champion targets. Equilibrium Strike, on the other hand, when executed correctly can change the tides of battle or team fights. Try equipping her with Trinity Force, and watch her win against any odds.


Jax on league of legends

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This Grandmaster at Arts is the best pick if you want an easy-to-play champion with AoE stun and an incredible late game status. He is also great in 1v1 situations and can manage to survive on his own throughout the early game. Lastly, he works great in split pushing as well.


Fiora on league of legends

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Fiora is one of the most feared duelists in Valoran, and one of the strongest top lane champions in the Summoner’s Rift. She excels at quick trades thanks to her ability, Duelist’s Dance, and a significant movement boost an enemy to escape or to target another one. Her ultimate, Grand Challenge, allows her to take down even the toughest opponents and recover if successful.


Darius on league of legends

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Darius is a strong champion that can deal high damage on his opponents. He has a powerful harassment ability known as Decimate, which can strike an enemy even from the great range, dealing severe damage. He also benefits from enhanced survivability with his passive, Hemorrhage. Equip him with Black Cleaver and watch him lead your team to victory.


Garen on league of legends

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Garen is a great tank and fighter that has always been one of the favorite champions for beginners. He has a skill kit ideal for trading hits in 1v1 fights and an advantage for being tanky. He can silence enemies, has a damage-reducing shield, and execute-style ability that helps him secure his kills. His passive also provides him regeneration, making him a hard opponent to kill.


Pantheon on league of legends

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With quick movement speed and strong ranged harass skills, Pantheon provides a strong early game presence. With his skill, Aegis of Ionia followed by Heartseeker Strike can leave devastating damage to your opponent. His ultimate, on the other hand, called Grand Skyfall can either initiate or disable team fights. It can also turn tides of the battle, and put your allies at an advantage when executed correctly.

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

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