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The Snow Showdown Skins 2016 are Finally Here!

play Snow Day Graves in league of legends on gaming pc

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Early this month, we posted a sneak peek of the upcoming winter update on the Summoner’s Rift map as a part of League of Legends Snowdown Showdown event. And today, we’re going to feature the upcoming Snowdown skins to hit the Rift. Yes, people, they are finally out and available on the market. We’re going to have Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Winter Wonder Karma this year. Let’s check them all out!

Santa Braum

Santa Braum is coming to the rift! Yes, he’s bringing an array of gifts for good little children that haven’t missed any CS. The skin will feature an entirely new model with all-new VFX (such as presents and poros) and all-new SFX (such as bells jingling). Be amazed at his new recall animation that shows Braum flying away on Poro sleigh. Santa Braum is designed by NurseFlan and is available for 1350 RP.

Snow Day Graves

Snow Day Graves is ready to get into a snow fight armed with his new snow-blasting gun–bringing some snow, grit, and penguins along the way. The skin features all new model and textures, with Graves in his cozy beard and winter gear. It also has new SFX with snow blowing and penguin sounds. It also features all-new animations and is set to be priced around 1350 RP. It is designed by Riot Lovestrut.

Winter Wonder Karma

Another skin designed by Riot Lovestrut, Winter Wonder Karma features a stunning version of Karma who leaves a trail of elegance and frost wherever she goes. Use her new and powerful ice magic to blast enemies and protect your allies. It features an all-new model and textures where Karma dons a classy, elegant robe as magic ice hovers above her. It also comes with new VFX and SFX, and all new animations where she dances around as snow falls around her. The price is similar to Snow Day Graves and Santa Braum which is 1350 RP.

To add up to the fun, two new wards will also be introduced to the PBE update: Santa Penguin Ward and All-Star themed ward. Now, who wouldn’t love to have that cute and adorable little penguin as a vision ward?

All these features will come along with the Legend of the Poro King changes, so make sure to update your League Client on your gaming PC.

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