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League of Legends New Champion: Camille, The Steel Shadow

League of Legends has a new champion from Piltover: Camille, The Steel Shadow. Riot has first revealed this champion on an online comic titled “Severed Ties,” introducing her as an elite operative from Piltover who works to maintain order. It was also mentioned in the comic that it was her dedication to her duty that led her to allow the Steel Shadow to transfigure her body and turn her into a hex tech-powered death machine.

Camille is a highly[-]mobile fighter who appreciates precision. This is the reason why her skills must be carefully executed at the right place and time to optimize her damage. Calm, relentless, and terribly precise, Camille is the perfect designed champion to pursue and slay any single targets on the map.

To get a better view of her capabilities, let’s check out her skills:

Passive: Adaptive Defenses

Her basic attacks on champions will grant her a shield against her opponent’s primary damage type. The shield’s strength increase based on her max HP.

Q: Precision Protocol

Her next basic attack will slash the enemy for bonus physical damage type and will grant her a short burst of movement speed. After a brief period of the first cast, the player can recast the skill for an additional strike. If you wait for a few seconds, the ability second attack will deal extra bonus damage.

W: Tactical Sweep

Camille gathers energy and then blasts it forward in a cone, dealing damage to all enemies it hit. Enemies who are caught in the outer half of the sweep will be slowed and take additional damage sweep based on their HP, healing Camille in the same process.

E (First Cast): Hookshot

She fires a hook shot in a target direction. If it hits a wall, she’ll pull herself onto it, and she’ll have a window to cast Wall Dive.

E (Second Cast): Wall Dive

This allows her to dash in a target direction, stopping at the first champion it hits and stunning all enemies in the area. If Camille dashes to a target champion, the range’s ability is increased and she gains bonus attack speed.

R: Hextech Ultimatum

Camille leaps onto a targeted champion, imprisoning them in a zone and knocking away all their allies. Once activated, the targeted enemy can’t leave the area by any means. The arena will deactivate on its own after a brief period or if Camille leaves the zone. But while inside, her basic attacks will deal additional magic damage.

According to, Camille is designed by Riot Jag. She will be his first champion, describing her as an augmented living person. To check this new champion, make sure to update the League of Legends program on your gaming PC.


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