Sequel to The Whispered World is Finally Out on Steam

It has been six years since Daedalic Entertainment has engrossed the world with its 2D point-and-click fantasy game “The Whispered World.” But now, the German video game developer company is back with its long-awaited sequel, “Silence.”

Silence tells the story of two siblings named Noah and Renie in the middle of war. During an air bombardment, the two seeks shelter in a bunker to keep them safe. Little do they know that the bunker also leads the way in a world between life and death, known as Silence. However, Renie got lost in this world, and Noah has no choice but to venture into this unknown place to find her little sister.

But the world of Silence is more than idyllic as it seems, it bears its own scars of war. And soon it will be revealed only the siblings can save this world from its impending doom. Soon it will be revealed that only the siblings can save this world from its impending doom.

The game features elaborate 3D designed characters in 2D opulent backgrounds, providing players with a visual masterpiece. It tells of an emotionally gripping story of two siblings as they journey into an unknown world. Witness as they discover that the only thing that can save them and the world of Silence is their love for each other.

Let’s check out the game’s trailer:

Aside from Noah and his little sister Renie, get to meet other interesting characters like Spot, the magical caterpillar that will help the siblings on their way through Silence. The game also has three playable characters to choose from. Meet new characters and reunite with old friends from The Whispered World.

Silence has just been released last week and is now available on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming laptops and PC. For more information, check out Silence official website.

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