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Let’s a Look Back at League’s Ultimate Champion Skins

playing dj-sona on league of legends

Photo Source: DJ SONA by ippus @ DeviantArt

With the Elementalist Lux finally out in the market, I know some of us couldn’t help but be thrilled with its concept. First and foremost, it offers ten elemental forms that players can toggle to choose and transform’s Lux overall in-game look. Riot called her skin’s mechanic as “Elemental Power” and can let a player pick two transformations aside from her base light skin during each game. Her mechanics pretty much works like last year’s DJ Sona. And with that said, let’s take this time to review back the previous ultimate skins.

Pulsefire Ezreal

pulsefire ezreal on league of legends

Photo Source: Skin Spotlights @ Youtube

Pulsefire Ezreal was the first ultimate skin in the game and was released in 2012. It features two version of Ezreal; the first is an Android-like look complete with his mechanic arm. When Ezreal ranks up his Trueshot Barrage, his overall look will be transformed, appearing with a robotic suit on somehow similar to RoboCop. He was also the first champion who has two voiceover personalities — himself and his suit’s AI, PEARL. Ezreal was also the first to have a custom hit and minion death animations. In League of Legends France, he is referred to us ‘Mega Ezreal,’ a reference to the Japanese video game series MegaMan.

Spirit Guard Udyr

spirit udyr on league of legends

Photo Source:

Spirit Guard Udyr was the ultimate skin for the year 2013. According to Riot, the theme behind this skin was a possible future for Runeterra, where Udyr guards the Hirana Monastery against evil entities that would use the temple’s power for destruction. Udyr’s appearance on this skin resembles that of guardian statues found in Asian shrines with his exposed torso, large prayer beads, lungi, and geta. The skin represents Udyr in his monk state, finally finding his inner harmony and conquering his rage, even when he’s fusing with one of the four beast spirits.

DJ Sona

playing dj sona on league of legends

Photo Source:

DJ Sona is the first musically-based skin. In this skin, Sona doesn’t telepathically speak unlike in the Classics. It features over three hours of sound effects, music, and voiceover. DJ Sona also has three toggleable forms you can choose from: Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal. The change can also be triggered while in combat. The helmet in her skin greatly resembles those of Daft Punk, while her dance animation is a reference to Caramelldansen.

These ultimate skins are all still available in League of Legends store. So if you want to check them out, just open League’s program on your gaming computer, and type in the name of the skin. All are available for 3250 RP.

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