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Pre-Season Sneak Peek: League of Legends Jungle Plants

League of Legends Season 6 has finally ended, and we all know what that means… Pre-Season Updates! Riot has already given us a sneak peek about its preseason changes through an article from These changes include Smite, Itemization, Camps, and the most interesting one, the Plants. Yes, people, Riot has decided to add a new type of object to the jungle of Summoner’s Rift.

Plants are new objects that spawn in the forest that when destroyed can trigger a variety of different effects that can knock back your champion, provide vision, or restore your health and mana. According to a detailed post by Riot GMang about the 10/25 PBE build, the plants are included in the game to provide interesting combat situations to the players, making League of Legends a little bit more challenging. The spawn plants will also enrich a team’s vision control over the map, and will make ganking more difficult. Exciting? Well, let’s take a look at these plants:

Blast Cones

Blast Cones, when destroyed, will knock away any nearby units. Its spawn in the jungle quadrants and it shows the location launched to by a red indicator.

Scryers Bloom

Scryers Bloom, when destroyed, will release pollens, providing vision and revealing enemies and wards in a range for about 15 seconds. They spawn at a few specific locations near the river maps.


Honeyfruit, when destroyed, will drop fruits that can be consumed will restore health and mana but will slow your champion’s movement. It spawns in the river, and is accessible to both teams.

Here’s a short video that shows off how these plants looks and works in the game:

These plants were added in the game to make the Summoner’s Rift more alive and challenging, so avid players must think of a new way around to execute their tactics. The plants’ update is now available on PBE, so go and get your gaming laptop and check it out.

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