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Black Friday Door Buster Sales

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, we are offering two special door buster promotions right off the bat to kick off our Black Friday Sale. Our door busters offer a huge discount and $300 in rebates for both of the promotions. These deals come in limited quantity and will run out quickly, so don’t miss your chance to take advantage of them. These deals will be available starting on Monday, 11/21 around 2 PM.

Syber Vapor Pro Door Buster


For our desktop door buster, we have our popular Syber Vapor Pro at a price of $485 from its original price of $739. This deal also comes with $300 of rebates, with $150 instant rebate and $150 mail-in rebates ($100 + $50). The Door Buster Syber Vapor Pro comes with an Intel Core i5-6402P processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI graphics card and is perfect for gaming. The door buster deal is limited to 150 systems in quantity and after that will become sold-out and unavailable, so be sure to snag one before they run out.

Door Buster Tracer-15 100


If you’re looking for a more portable computer, we’re also offering a laptop door buster deal to go along with the Syber Vapor Pro. The laptop for our deal is the Door Buster Tracer-15 100 which originally goes for $989, but will be available for purchase for $689 during our Black Friday sale. The laptop comes with an Intel i7-6700 HQ processor and NVIDIA GTX 965M graphics card. There is also a 256GB SSD to help run games faster. On top of that, there will also be a total of $300 in rebates, $200 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate, that we will be offering customers with the deal. However, this deal is even more limited than the Syber Vapor Pro deal, with only 100 laptops available for purchase. After that, the system will be sold-out.

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