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Let’s take a look at Smite’s New God Thoth, Arbiter of the Damned

thoth, the arbiter of the damned

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Since its inception, Smite has offered the most unique set of characters a MOBA game by introducing mythological gods and goddesses as playable characters. From Greek to Aztec, this game has never been short of its list of heroes. And just this month, they’ve released their newest god “Thoth,” the Arbiter of the Damned.


Thoth is one of the many deities of the Egyptian pantheon. He played a vital role in many Egyptian myths including being an arbitrator who had overseen the three great battles transpired, and guided the force of good to win over evil.

In the game, he is introduced as a mage with high area damage, effective in harassing enemies and pushing lanes. Let’s check out his skill set:

Passive: Dead Reckoning

dead reckoning

Thoth’s passive is a spell buff. He writes the names of his opponents in his book, recording their weaknesses. After killing 30 enemies, Thoth will gain a stack of 4 magic penetration. He will unlock a new stack every 4 levels, up to a maximum of 5 stacks when he reached level 17.

1st Ability – Hieroglyphic Assault

hieroglyphic assault

Hieroglyphic Assault is a magical self-buff. Thoth raises his hand into the air, ignoring all basic attack movement penalty and conjuring Hieroglyphs. It also causes his next 3 basic attacks to pass through enemies and apply ability damage instead.

2nd Ability – Evade and Punish

Evade and Punish

Evade and Punish is a dash ability. It lets Thoth dashes in a particular direction he is traveling. After dashing, Thoth’s next basic attack for 5 seconds will be projectiles of magic damage that can slow and deal ability damage to its target.

3rd Ability – Glyph of Pain

Glyph Of Pain

Thoth conjures forth Hieroglyph from his books. Any ability that passes through the glyph will receive increased damage, while its range will increase by 30.

Ultimate – Final Judgment

Final Judgment

Thoth summons four pages from his book. Once summoned, he sends them forward damaging all enemies in their path. He may activate this ability again to fire it early, causing a reduced amount of damage on the number of pages currently summoned.

Thoth is now available on Smite. You check him out by downloading the game on your gaming desktop at

To know more about this latest Smite god, check out his God Reveal video below:

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