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League of Legends Elementalist Lux Finally Revealed!

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There have been rumors that this year’s ultimate skin will be an Elementalist-themed skin for Lux. During the first week of November, four video teasers were posted on various League of Legends Facebook pages for different regions. They each carried a caption that says: “Light through a prism takes many forms — and more remain unseen.” The videos all showed various elements with her eyes reflecting on them, and her face appearing in the last few frames behind a symbol. It was, later on, revealed that the elements shown in the teasers were fire, water, air, and darkness.

This led everyone to believe that the ultimate skin will give Lux four forms, but apparently, we’re in for a bigger surprise.

The Elementalist Lux actually has ten forms, which you toggle between, as revealed in the video posted by the official Spanish League of Legends Twitter. Aside from the first elements that were shown in the teaser, there also seemed to be nature, storm, ice, mystic, magma, and of course, light.

Another video was posted showing how the transformation works:

Lux has always been a powerful mage in the game, who can work as a support in the bottom lane along with an ADR champion or a solo AP damage dealer in the mid lane. She has always been a popular pick for her zone control abilities. Her skills can also be used as scouting tools to check the jungle for any ambushes. Lastly, her ultimate ability, Final Spark, provides significant damage to her enemies and an effective game-turner during team fights.

Having an ultimate skin for Lux is indeed a dream come true for her avid fans. Previous ultimate skins have been 3250 RP and typically comes with a free icon you can use to change your profile banner. There is no news on when Elementalist Lux will be released in the market, but it will most likely be into the next PBE cycle so make sure to keep your League of Legends program updated in your gaming PC.

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