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Popular Newly-Released Steam Games for Free

Off-Peak On Your Gaming Laptops

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Looking for games to play this week? Well, here are the most popular new releases games on Steam for you to download and enjoy. Let’s check them out!


Shadowverse is the newest collectible card game from the creators of Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut. The game features unique gaming mechanics and impressive artwork that makes it one of the most visually and tactically rich collectible card games online. Aside from allowing to collect more than 400 cards, the game also lets you master seven character classes, each with their unique play styles and killer cards.

Alteil: Horizons

Alteil Horizons is a hybrid game that combines tactical RPG, deck-building, and the collecting elements found in card dueling games. It was described by MMO Attack as a game that combines your favorite trading card games and RPG games. It features over 2000 cards, has PVP dueling, and ELO ranking. It is developed by Apocoplay LLC, Ludeme Games, and Core Edge Inc.

Tiger Knight: Empire War

Tiger Knight: Empire War is an online massive multiplayer PVP game that will bring you back to the brutal era of the Middle Ages. It lets the player take the role as the general of one of the four empires: the Han, the Kushan, the Parthian, and the Roman. What makes this game more exciting is it reproduces true equipment from the past such as the armors, weapons, and horses.


Off-Peak lets you take the role of an unnamed protagonist stranded in a train station, searching for his ticket out of town. To complete the goal, you must explore the town’s secret passageways, talk to strangers, and dig for records. It is a surreal game you will love for its soundtrack and exceptional landscape.

Astral Heroes

Astral Heroes is another collectible card game that made it on the list. It was developed by Apus Software, the creators of the CCG Spectromancer. It is the spiritual sequel to Apus’ game Astral Masters. The game features a fast-paced and straightforward core gameplay, exciting game modes, and a vast library of spells and creatures to collect.

Adventure Quest 3D

A massively multiplayer online RPG, AdventureQuest 3D is set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest’s timeline. Create your own character and unfold your legend as you travel to the legendary town of Battleon. The game features a real-time combat, multi-class system, weapon fusion, and an evolving world. It is developed and published by Artix Entertainment, LLC.

These games are available on Steam, and can be download on PCs or gaming laptops.

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