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Winter Summoner’s Rift is Coming to League of Legends

baron snowdown showdown league of legends

Photo Source: frostyNinja Official Youtube Channel

The Time of Snowdown is near, and we all know what that means! Snow is finally coming back to Summoner’s Rift. On October 31, 2016, Riot posted a video on Twitter showing the Summoner’s Rift map covered in frost and snow. There are Christmas candles everywhere, wrapped gifts next to the Blue Sentinel, and a few Poros even Baron Nashor is wearing a little Santa hat to join in the winter festivity.

The Winter Summoner’s Rift update is going to be a part of Snowdown Showdown 2016, a seasonal event in League of Legends that commemorates the Time of Snowdown. Aside from the map updates, limited legacy skins will be released. Last year, we got Snow Day Bard, Snow Day Gnar, and Snow Day Syndra. There will also be limited edition holiday runes, festive summoner icons, and winter-themed ward skins. Gifting will also be available for players to freely give skins, RP, or champions to your in-game friends.

During Snowdown Showdown, players will also be able to play a seasonal featured game known as “The Legend of the Poro King.” It is a 5v5 blind draft game set on the Howling Abyss where the primary goal is to knock down the enemy team’s nexus with the help of some Poros and the legendary Poro King.

For long-time League of Legend players, the last time Summoner’s Rift turned into a winter wonderland was in 2011. The Snowdown Showdown version of the map was first introduced in 2009, featuring a landscape covered in ice and snow with the river frozen. However, in 2012, the map disappeared and didn’t return to the game ever since. That’s why to see it back in the scene and all revamped makes Snowdown Showdown 2016 more exciting.


Let’s look at some of its screenshots:

snow poro league of legends

league of legends snow showdown blue sentinel

league of legends snow showdown dragon

league of legends snow showdown map

league of legends snow showdown map screenshot

As of today, there are no details as to when the winter update will be coming to Summoner’s Rift but expect it to hit the PBE this November. So make sure to keep your League of Legends updated in your gaming computer.

League of Legends is a known multiplayer arena battle online game developed by Riot Games and by far has been credited as one of the best online games alongside DotA 2, Heroes of Storm, and Counter-Strike: Global Defense.

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