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GODSENT and HellRaisers Grab European Major Spots


Photo Credit: HLTV

This weekend was a flurry of CS:GO games as several tournaments were running concurrently. The PGL Regional Minor Championship was important for the teams attending because the top two teams will be given a spot at the next major and a chance to win $500,000 or a part of the $1 million prize pool. HellRaisers secured their spot by defeating GODSENT 2-0 in the winner’s finals while GODSENT made it through the consolation finals against Epsilon in a tight 2-1 win. This set the stage for GODSENT to meet HellRaisers in the finals to try and take revenge for their loss earlier in the tournament.

The Grand Finals


Photo Credit: HLTV

All three games were exciting and close with the lowest scoring game going to 29 rounds. The first map was HellRaisers’ choice of Cobblestone and despite a great CT half by GODSENT, HellRaisers closed out the map, 16-14, with a better CT side of their own. Mirage was GODSENT’s pick and again the Counter-Terrorist side proved to be the deciding factor as each team picked up the majority of their rounds there. However, it was GODSENT that had the better CT side this time and they won Mirage, 16-13. The final map and the decider of this series was Cache. GODSENT began the half with a great start to their Terrorist side, grabbing 11 rounds and holding HellRaisers to a measly 4. When the teams swapped sides, it was GODSENT who found themselves on the receiving end of a brutal attack from HellRaisers as the CIS team piled on round after round to catch up and even go ahead 14-13. It was then that several amazing plays from the GODSENT players allowed them to win the next 3 rounds and win the tournament. In addition to both teams receiving a major spot, GODSENT took home $30,000, HellRaisers got $15,000, and third-place Epsilon received $5,000.

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